Concentric 8 Dimensions

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  1. How does the driver depth compare to the Volts?

    What is the recommended enclosure volume for surrounds or Atmos, ported vs. sealed

  2. Well, nobody replied and I bought them anyways, so here are the dimensions:

    Depth from the gasket face to the rear of the Compression Driver ("CD") is: 5-3/8"
    Subtract 3/8" for the flange if you are rear-mounting the speaker, so: 5"
    The mounting flange diameter is ~ 8-5/16".
    For a rear-mounted speaker, you will need ~7-5/16" diameter opening

    Compared to the Volt 8, the Concentric 8 is 1/4" deeper. If you are considering milling the back panel down for a minimum depth enclosure, say a 3/4" panel with a 1/2" thickness behind the driver, plan on a 4-1/4" diameter milled region (which will only give you ~1/8" clearance at the edges of the CD speaker terminals).


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