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  1. General information and instructions for the Elusive 1099 assembly.

    Build Tips (more will be added):

    1: You should predrill the mdf for screw holes before installing the woofers, mids, and waveguide. Sit the woofer in the cutout and mark the holes with a pen, pencil, etc. Remove the part and drill your holes. I use a 7/64" bit, but a 1/8" bit does fine.

    2: You get three pieces of gasket tape with your kit. The 2 small ones are for the midranges, the larger one is for the waveguide. I always put the gasket directly on the back of the waveguide and midrange flanges, some people like to put the gasket on the mdf instead. Just peel a small section of the white paper away from the gasket tape to expose the sticky part. Then slowly push it around the perimeter of the waveguide flange and just work your way around the part.

    3. The easiest place to install your crossover is in the midrange compartment.

    4. The ports just get lightly tapped into place until they are snug up against the front panel. Some people put caulking behind them but it's not necessary.

    5. When putting the screws in your woofers use a piece of wood, or your hand to protect the woofer in case your screw driver slips. You'll feel much better with a scratch on your hand than a hole in your woofer.
  2. -Crossover Information-

    A few notes:

    There is an optional 10ohm resistor that can be added if you want to lower the high end a couple decibels.

    Notice that you want to to reverse the polarity on the midrange.


    The following link has uploaded crossover board layouts that were done by AVS forum member MrEscu if you wanted to run all your wires under the crossover board. It looks complex from the drawings, but once you start laying out parts, it's not too bad.
  3. -Crossover board layout-

    These 2 layout photos were taken from the dropbox link in the last post just in case you can't download those PDF files. I believe the PDF files allow 1:1 printing to make things easier though.



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  5. Reserved for completed speaker photos.
  6. Has anyone replaced the three oval shaped ports on each side with two (or three) circular ports? I am thinking about doing this to match the looks of the other speaker builds in the room but hate being the guinea pig.
  7. You would have to cut a new baffle and be sure that everything is recessed to the proper depth, and make sure tuning comes in the same. I'm not sure what ports would give you the same area as the slot ports used in that design.
  8. Thanks for the reply and all your work, Erich. Love the look of the kit as is, but my 18" sub and two ported volt 10's share a style with three round flared ports. And half my desire to DIY is an excuse to just play around.

    I'll do the math and see if there's enough space to make it work, but would like to hear from anyone if they have tried something like this.
  9. Erich,
    I ordered 3 1099's (one center) and would like to get the crossover pc boards from Matt but cannot figure out how to contact him. I do not have enough postings on the AVS forum to send him a message(mtg90). Can you help me contact him? Thanks
  10. I used the Tapatalk app and was able to send him a message. I have his email but that should work or Eric is usually very quick to help. The boards were great!
  11. Just send an email to me on the DIY Sound Group site and I will get you the contact information.
  12. Erich,
    I was up late and made an clumsy goof landing wires on one of my Denovo 205's, broke the negative terminal clear off! I was able to 'fix' it with some tinned wire and ABS glue. I'm not too confident it will hold up. Looking for a replacement part I ran across a recent post of yours on the AVS forum:

    "It's been difficult and time consuming getting the DNA-205's, which is why they aren't listed for sale by themselves. Two weeks ago I contacted B&C to see about getting the DE10's instead and tweaking the crossover designs to the B&C. The main difference is the 205 extends lower and can handle a lower crossover point. The only speakers that would be an issue for is the Fusion-10 and Fusion-8 center channel because both of those crossover around 1500hz, which I'm not sure the B&C can handle without more testing. My current idea is to use the DE10 in the 1099 and 893, but use the new DNA-325 in the Fusion-10 and Fusion-8 center."

    Do you know if this part,
    will work with the 205? That, or if I get the full B&C DE10-8 cd, would you think I would have any issues with the 1099? I'd ask you for any info to get a replacement diaphram specifically for the Denovo 205 but it sounds like that may be next to impossible. That would be ideal.

    Thanks for any help you or anyone else may provide.
  13. I still have plenty DNA-205 compression drivers. Just send me an email on the site and I can help out.
  14. Hello,
    So I just got the crossover board from Matt and got them all soldered. I did the center first and its working perfectly. Went to wire up the L and R and ran into some issues and wondering if I could get some help. So I was just testing with one speaker for now and just swapping the crossovers back and forth to see if it was that or not. For some reason, one crossover everything works except the two 10" woofers. I double checked all the wiring multiple times. When switching to the other crossover, everything works except the two 5" woofers. Pretty puzzled, I looked over the crossovers and everything is where it should be. Any ideas or thoughts on what I should look at?
    Scott G.
  15. So depending on the crossover you use, either the woofers or the mids do not work? Is that correct?

    What are you using to connect the crossover board to the drivers? Make sure they are tight if not soldered.

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