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  1. Here is the layout I used for the milled crossovers boards I would make:

    One of those inductors would likely be better if stood upright putting orientation 90 degrees from each other to reduce any possible coupling but it's not really a big issue.
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  2. Its easy when you have help! Thanks a lot. I am looking for something to mount everything on. When done, Ill post my pics, TTYS!
  3. Here is what I have so far just need to solder it up. I see you have your tweeter and two sets of Driver wires going to the crossover. Does it matter if I only have one set of driver wires going to the crossover? I assumed I would connect the two drivers in Parallel like my diagram says and just use one set to the crossover.

    It doesn't seem like it would matter but wanted to ask. Running less wires to the crossover seems a little cleaner. Thanks for your help.

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  4. Sorry didn't see the reply until now, yes you can run only one set of wires to the crossover for the woofers and connect the second woofer in parallel somewhere else along that wire or at the driver terminals.
  5. Hi everyone. New account, first post…yay!

    Please excuse my naive question, but what ever happened to the Fusion 6 and 4 speakers?
  6. Hi Dan. I can't answer your question with authority and Erich is taking a few well deserved weeks off so he's taken all the speakers off-line (out of stock) and I doubt he's answering posts or emails just yet.

    I think the Fusion 4 was not a good seller and I don't think he stocks it anymore. If you want to buy one contact Erich directly and see if he has some. If not he'll give you good advice on your next best choice.

    I hope you pick something up. I have several of his kits, Fusion 10 Pure, Cheap Thrills, Overnight Sensations, several subs and I have yet to be disappointed.
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  7. Thanks for the reply - I'll definitely ask Erich when his new site is up and running.

    Currently, I have a set of Klipsch Heresies that I run with a Dynaco ST35, supplemented with 2 subs. Great speakers, and they've served their purpose admirably over the years.

    We are redesigning our small living room (15' x 14), so I need a main LR speaker with much higher WAF (the subs aren't going anywhere). That rules out the HTMS, and quite possibly even the Fusion 8. I showed her a picture of the little ported Volt 6, and she nearly jumped out the window with happiness, so I'm on the right track. I just need a small, well rounded bookshelf - mostly for music and a few movies. 75db is my average listening level.
  8. I also have Klipsch speakers. Formerly La Scala and Khorns, currently RF-83's, RC-64 III and CF-4's. I love my DIY speakers and the bang-for-the-buck sound is beyond amazing!

    Are you a member at Erich H. is a member there as well. This site we are on gets very little traffic and the is where you can get a LOT of support from many people who own the speakers you are interested in and might give you some good advice. You can find some build threads there which may help you decide the best speakers for your environment.

    This is the DIY sub-forum link:
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  9. This is what I would do--it is how my wife gets an idea concerning size etc.

    Make a mock-up of the speaker with a cardboard box so she has an idea of the measurements. Another choice to look at is the HTM-6. About the same size as the Volt 6 but uses an 8" wide SEOS horn/waveguide. Not knocking the Volt 6 but for LCR use--the HTM 6 is designed to do that well. The HTM 8 (pending) is 16.25" tall, 12.5" wide and around 7.5" deep. Mock up the V6, the HTM 6 and HTM 8 with a cardboard box and see what size she can deal with.

    You can also mock up the Fusion 15 or the 1899 to make your choices look a lot smaller in comparison. I have Fusion 10 for left/right and the 88 Special for a center (inside a cabinet) Still fighting in my mind over Volt 6, Volt 10, HTM 8 and HTM 6 for surrounds and Atmos elevation spekaers--have 5 months to make up my mind. Enjoy the hunt!
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  10. If sounds like she does not like the big mouth design of the Fusion 8's waveguide? How about the Cobalt 8 then?
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  11. wvu80 - thanks for directing me to the avs forum. I've been checking it out and it really is the main hub for all this.

    18Hurts - I'll make cardboard mockups for sure, starting with the HTM-6 and Fusion 8 for now, leaving the Volt 6 out ;)

    mark seals - I'll give those Cobalt 8s look too.
  12. Is the Fusion 12 Tempest being discontinued? I see the flatpacks are gone, no longer available.

    My understanding is that among the Fusion series speaker systems, the Fusion 12 is the only single-box system that can be used without a subwoofer, as long as low bass is not a concern, but high sensitivity (SPL per watt input) is. (-3dB at 40Hz would be plenty low enough for me.)

    If the Fusion 12 is no more, is there a high sensitivity full-range speaker for stereo (music) use on offer? What would you all recommend for a high sensitivity (92dB/1W/1m or higher) speaker for living room stereo use?
  13. Whats left in stock for the F12? Can source the Pro 12A, and looks like theres 360s left over. Baffles left over?
  14. Is there a cut list available for the Fusion 8 center channel? Bought the kit with no flat pack but not sure on what size to cut the panels. I have the baffle of course that came with the kit.
  15. Quick breakdown going off the overall dimensions (27" wide x 10" high x 12" deep) and assuming 3/4" material:

    Rear panel the same size as the baffle (which should be 27" x 10")
    Top/bottom = 27" x 10.5"
    Sides = 8.5" x 10.5"

    Probably want a pair of window braces in there as well placed between the woofers and waveguide which should also be 8.5" x 10.5".
  16. Thanks Matt, pretty simple actually....but now that I see your post I see that the overall dimensions were listed on the product page for the F8 center. Don't I feel rather stupid now. Found a cabinet shop hopefully I can have a few boards cut for a decent price.

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