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Discussion in 'Speaker Components' started by Swany, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Hi i am looking for an possibility to buy some Seos Waveguides and ship them to germany, cause we ve got none here! :-D. Jokes there any reasonably option to ship those without paying more for for the "shipping forewarding" than for the waveguides itself???
    I used to look for some shipping forewarders but the calculators gave me some numbers arround 120-200 bucks and my thoughts tell me that its might be stupid to pay more for it than for the product i want, itself.
    So why i am asking here is, if any of you got an idea for me how to do this without spending this much money ( i know it will cost some, but hopefully not this amount ), i would be evry glade for some advise!!

    Greets Swany.
  2. This might be a delicate topic - and I might be way out-of-bounds, but are you familiar with ? Auto-Tech (at that URL) sells SEOS waveguides through that website. I have never quite understood who they are and if their rights to the designs are legitimate. They may also only be selling one-off fiberglass horns that are considerably more costly. Might be worth looking at.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply, i already wrote some email to those guys and they are quit friendly, thing is because they made the horns out of fiberglas they charge over 100 euros for a seos 12 (for one!), and that is way out of range..without delivery. For 2 horns i would pay the amount of 4 inclusive the shipping forwarding fee if i would buy them in the us, but that are all no options. Funny thing i checked out last night was if i would send a package from here to the us like the size of 120 by 60 by 60 cm in the weight of 5 kilograms (my guess for a package of 4 seos 12) i would spent 35 euros...??? So why is it so hard on one hand and this expensiv on the other?
    My last option might be ebay because parts express does sending to europe but there the seos is for 40 bucks, delivery at 20 and thaaan there comes the tax while nobodys is able to say how much this would be at the end, even if they changed the law this year that parts and components of speakers are no more taxed here...its a little annoying :).

  4. Parts Express does carry the SEOS12, can you order direct from them (or does that still cost a fortune for shipping?).
  5. Hi, thing is i cant see whats it's the actual price BEFORE i took all steps of ordering...if i buy them directly at parts express... But, if i would buy the horns on Ebay through parts express it costs me 40 dollar for the horn 19 dollar for shipping aaaand i dont know what i have to pay in taxes, this is only shown if i would have bought it :-/. So at least i would spent nearly 60 dollar for one horn. Unfortunately...


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