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  1. Jon VonOhlsen
    Jon VonOhlsen Erich H
    Seem to be unable to post on a forum, I receive a message that my content is "inappropriate".
  2. mtbdudex
    I'm a HT enthusiast, enjoy DIY projects ..... :)
  3. EHS
    EHS Matt Grant
    Hi Matt
    Interested in building your Nexus towers, Do you still have any of the x over boards?
    How much are they? and lastly do you offer them assembled?

  4. Fanatik
    Fanatik Matt Grant
    How do I order a set of pcbs for the C-note speakers? I want to order a kit for my daughter for Christmas.
  5. Mark Odom
    Mark Odom
    Retired A/V guy. Used to be just tired A/V installer.
  6. SleeplessRe
    Sitting in front of KiCad, warming up my Weller, or dripping Titebond on myself
  7. Muhammad Mubashar
    Muhammad Mubashar
    Cavs 2016 Champs
  8. wvu80
    Country Roads Take me Home