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  1. NYcRavi
    NYcRavi tuxedocivic
    Hi Ryan,

    It was recommended that I seek your advice regarding the 893...I was hoping you can give me a minimum and maximum size of box without causing any issues. I am trying to custom fit the 983 in my wall and it would be helpful to know my limitations..


    1. NYcRavi
      please disregard, besides changing my mind...i didn't mean to post this here... sorry
      May 9, 2017
  2. SleeplessRe
    Sitting in front of KiCad, warming up my Weller, or dripping Titebond on myself
  3. Thomas Fernandez
    Thomas Fernandez Erich H
    Hello! Id like to know if the Fusion 15 speaker Cabinets can be made out bamboo like the other alpha series speakers. I like the look of them much better than the MDF.

  4. brookhart995
    brookhart995 wvu80
    You want to sell me your remaining two Ceslestion drivers? :)
  5. Muhammad Mubashar
    Muhammad Mubashar
    Cavs 2016 Champs
  6. wvu80
    Country Roads Take me Home