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  1. banana
    I am here!
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    Sports TV
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  3. anas
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  5. Dr. Divya Nagar
    Dr. Divya Nagar
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    Dr. Divya Nagar
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  10. Gilberto Montani
    Gilberto Montani BillWaslo
    The installation disk of Liberty Audiosuite was damaged, and maybe you can send me the software by mail, we in Venezuela have been struggling for many years, and I would really like to be able to make measurements with it again.
    Thank you in advance.

    try to contact me formally at
  11. Gilberto Montani
    Gilberto Montani BillWaslo
    My dear Mr. Bill Waslo .
    You have been for many years a reference and your contributions to the little amateurs like me, have been of great value. I will always be grateful to your wife Carol, for taking care of us, although we had the language barrier, she sent us all the necessary information first, and then guided us to make the purchase.
    So I am hopeful that you can help me.
  12. Brent
    Brent Erich H
    Hey Erich, I just purchased two HT8 today, very excited as I’ve missed their sales for two years now. I added the crossover boards but was wondering if paying for their assembly was possible? If not I can borrow soldering tools and hope it’s easy to learn. Thanks for all you do!
  13. jimmyv tanksley
  14. john534
    Always ready to start a new project... even if the current one isn't finished - lol
  15. MDuyck1292
    Searching for great sound on the last frontier
  16. Nick Stewart
    Nick Stewart
    if you didn't feel it, did it really happen?
  17. Phil A
  18. Yasha
    Sorry, I'm thinking about subwoofers again...
  19. LexxDk
    Planning my first build
  20. mtbdudex
    I'm a HT enthusiast, enjoy DIY projects ..... :)
  21. Mark Odom
    Mark Odom
    Retired A/V guy. Used to be just tired A/V installer.
  22. SleeplessRe
    Sitting in front of KiCad, warming up my Weller, or dripping Titebond on myself
  23. Muhammad Mubashar
    Muhammad Mubashar
    Cavs 2016 Champs
  24. wvu80
    Country Roads Take me Home