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  1. RandyR
    RandyR Matt Grant
    If the Nexus center channel speaker were to be built as a vertical WTMW, what would the driver spacing be? Or could you just stand the center arrangement up as vertical?
  2. Jared Sepulveda
    Jared Sepulveda Matt Grant
    Hello Matt,

    Do you have any pcb boards for the MTMWW? Just need 1 for right now but if you have 2 we may want them. And how much would you charge to send a assembled one. I wanted to make 1 speaker for now and see how I do and how it sounds before I tackle a full 7.1 project. You can message me here or text me at 801-554-7835
  3. RandyR
    RandyR Matt Grant
    I would like to build the MTM from the Nexus project. I noticed in a post that you said that the woofers were wired in series. When I look at the schematic, it appears that they are wired in parallel. Which one is it?
  4. Yasha
    Sorry, I'm thinking about subwoofers again...
  5. LexxDk
    Planning my first build
  6. mtbdudex
    I'm a HT enthusiast, enjoy DIY projects ..... :)
  7. Mark Odom
    Mark Odom
    Retired A/V guy. Used to be just tired A/V installer.
  8. SleeplessRe
    Sitting in front of KiCad, warming up my Weller, or dripping Titebond on myself
  9. Muhammad Mubashar
    Muhammad Mubashar
    Cavs 2016 Champs
  10. wvu80
    Country Roads Take me Home