1099 build- crossover question

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  1. I have just completed the first of 3 1099s (the center) and had an unusual problem. I used a sheet of plastic norplex and drilled following the PDF diagram elsewhere here on the site. I carefully checked and double checked my connections and while not an expert, I am decent at soldering. I checked the crossover as best I could by hooking up the drivers and it appeared to work fine. after completing the entire unit, I found that the mid drivers where not working. but I turned up the volume very high and they kicked in. this happened a couple of times so far. any idea what could be going on. I am pretty certain that this is not a loose or shorting connection- seems electronic. the 1099 has only been completed and used for a couple of days and right now it seems to be working.

    Any ideas?

    also off this topic, I learned a lot putting the 1099 together and would be happy to share what I learned. some information that I discovered is not in any build thread. i have pics and some ideas to help others. I am not an expert- built three DIY projects. used raw wood veneer, etc. can i put some of this info up for others and if so, how and where should I place it?
  2. Add your pictures and info to this thread of start a separate build thread, either way is fine and totally up to you.

    Regarding your crossover, that seems odd and beyond my expertise. Do either of the three XOs work properly? Did you reach out to @Erich H, @Matt Grant or @tuxedocivic for help?
  3. Thanks for you input. I will check with Erich to see if he has any ideas. actually the crossover seems to be working ok but I have only used it twice (as center) so just worried that something is wrong that will pop up later. maybe its like a car problem that is intermittent and can not be found easily. the other 2 are still on the workbench.
  4. That is really odd. I'm not sure what it could of been. Even a poor connection shouldn't do that. It's very unusual behavior. Almost like the cones were stuck and then broke free. But a driver can't do that...

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