1099 no sound from 10in woofer

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Jason Burchill, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. finally getting around to put 1099s together, but i get no sound from the 10s. what and how do i test on the pcb?
  2. If you have a multimeter check the resistance between the positive on the input terminal block and the positive on the LF terminal block, it should read around 0.4-0.5 Ohms (maybe a little higher if the meter is cheap).

    If you don't get any continuity between those two points it's likely you have a poor solder joint on one of the inductor lead wires or you inserted them too far and tried soldering to the coated portion of the wire which will prevent a good solder connection.

    If the resistance reading is correct check between the negative connections on those same terminal blocks which should read close to zero ohms.
  3. thanks matt ill check that out.
    also i get sound but i have to turn receiver all the way up. and its barely any sound
  4. In that case also double check that you didn't mix up the woofer (LF) and midrange (MF) terminals.

    You can also wiggle the leads of the components on the crossover with sound playing, if you notice crackling or the sound coming in and out that points to there being a cold/bad solder joint/s also.
  5. thanks again matt. one of the components must of been loose. i havent trimmed the leads yet and wiggle them around and it started working. i couldn’t get it to fail again so ill just go with it. if it fails in the future ill re solder it.

    i had the same issue on the second pcb, but that magical started working. hopefully it’ll stay good.

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