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  1. I'm in the process of building a home theater, and I would like to upgrade my fronts I had three infinity primus towers for LCR. The center always wasn't clear for dialogue. I was always messing with the setting, just muddy muffled.

    My room is about 15x23x7.5

    I haven't found much on the 1299s, but is the only difference between the two the 12" woofer compared to the 10" woofer?

    Would either of these provide clear dialogue for watching movies?

    I see the 1299s are being reworked, would it be worth the wait until they come out?

    Thank you
  2. This is likely a room acoustics problem, not an equipment problem. What treatments have you done to the room? Are the first reflection points bare wall?
  3. This was in my old house,where the room was and L shape. The LCR were in the cove area . I didn't have any sound treatment either. That house wasn't an idea place to watch movies. My new house I have two room that I am going to combine into one and be a dedicated HT room. Where would you put acoustic panels to help the center speaker?

  4. That's part 1, watch all 4 and then have a solid foundation in room acoustics. Either that or read the Floyd Toole book, but if you do that I recommend staying away from high ledges and sharp objects, it's a painful read.

    The basic gist is that the sound out of your center channel is hitting you, and then shortly right after that the reflection of that sound off the side walls, and then rear of the room is reaching you. You're heading the same sound at three or four different intervals and that's makes it difficult to understand. 5 or 6 times actually depending on the floor and ceiling.

    If you want it clean and clear then deal with this or any speaker that has any kind of decent dispersion for the whole audience will be hard to hear. When you're done I suspect you'll be keeping your current speakers.

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