3 Builds with the Buyout 15" subwoofer

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    Hey guys, I built 3 different box styles for the Buyout 15" subwoofer on DIYsoundgroup.
    First, a picture of my kiddos with some bare woofers, 2x Eminence 15" Buyouts and 4x Ultimax 18's:
    The magnet on the 15" Buyout is huge!

    Build 1: Skinny 15 subs
    outer box dimensions 2 ft x 3 ft x 10 inches
    Port tuned to 31 hz. Port is 1.25" tall, 19.75" long and 22.5" wide (little less when accounting for the supports)
    I calculated approximately 2.9 ft^3 actual internal volume after subtracting the port region, subwoofer and braces.
    My goal with this build was to be as skinny as possible so they wouldn't encroach further into the room than my Cinema 88-Special. I used a piece of 1/2" ply for the inner front baffle and reinforced the screw hole locations with little squares of 3/4" plywood behind it. I left just enough space behind the vent for the voice coil for cooling and actually didn't put any batting behind it because I was worried about it. Pictures are below.
    skinny1.jpg Skinny3.jpg Skinny4.jpg skinny5.jpg skinny6.jpg
    The two skinny subs were finished with Duratex and sit nicely under the screen. I tried moving one to the back of the room and it didn't work as well. Sorry, I didn't take any measurements with these outside. I'm extremely happy with how these turned out. Their performance is quite amazing compared to the pair of Ultimax 18" mini-marty subs I built. They have very impressive punch in our basement and I actually bought and built these as the second pair. I liked build #3 so much, I had to buy two more of the Buyout 15" woofers so I could keep a pair in our theater!

    Build 2: Triangle 15" Decor Subs
    This build was for a friend. His goal was to be aesthetically pleasing and fit into the room without being huge monsters. We came up with the idea of triangle subwoofers because he wanted a small footprint in the room. It was a pain in the neck to build. They definitely are NOT perfect, but they work okay and look great. Measurements on these outside did not do as well as build #3, I'm guessing it's because the port was so far away from the microphone.
    The hypotenuse is 25.5". We tuned them to 26 hz. They're 7 ft tall. I think the port ended up around 7.5" square. I can't remember the exact dimensions of everything, but I may be able to find some files if somebody is really interested.

    The really cool thing about this build, is that the fabric can be changed quite easily, and affordably. I suggested that he could have seasonal fabrics and cycle them out. He just used white craft glue to attach the fabric.
    Triangle1.jpg Triangle2.jpg Triangle3.jpg Triangle4.jpg Triangle5.jpg Triangle7.jpg

    Build 3: Buyout 15 Endtables
    The goal of this build was to build some decent looking stained subs that we could use in the living room for music primarily. I tuned the ports to 32 hz. I still haven't finished these ones yet, and honestly I don't know when I will because I'm a little bummed that the stain doesn't match as well as I hoped. Plus I need to go buy more dimensioned lumber and re-cut some of the top pieces. I need to practice making some perfect 45 degree cuts and frames first.
    Finishing is on hold until likely spring 2020 due to surgery, holidays and work priorities.

    Table1.jpg Table2.jpg Table3.jpg Table4.jpg Table5.jpg Table6.jpg Table7.jpg

    The idea here is to use an inlaid stone-looking tile in the center on top of a thin rubber mat to reduce vibrations.
    My wife & I really like the look, except I'm not so sure about the black trim legs now. Oh well, I'm not going to change it now. If I could do it again, I'm not sure what color I'd do for the legs, or if I'd stain them.

    These Endtables performed REMARKABLY well. So well, that I had to buy another pair of the Eminence Buyout 15's so I could keep them in the theater. The punch above 30hz is so MUCH stronger than the pair of Ultimax 18's that it's unbelieveable! I've measured these ones to fairly flat response down to 24 hz in-room!Table8.jpg

    Outdoor measurements:
    Green line is an Epik Dynasty 18" subwoofer, I had to measure it with 50% power because of all the background traffic noise. I think that's why it jumps up around 26hz. Overall, one really amazing subwoofer.
    Dark Red Line: Eminence Buyout 15, built as an Endtable (build 3 above)
    Blue Line: Full-Marty Ultimax 18.
    Black line: Mini-Marty Ultimax 18
    group outside.jpg

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  2. Great job and some great pics in there as well!
    After reading about these 15" drivers I ended up buying 4 of them a month or so ago.
    Lol, no immediate project in the works for them but I just couldn't pass up a good deal.
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  3. Here's one more picture just for fun! Haha. 2019 is the year of the subwoofers for me!

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