4 cu ft Subwoofer Box Options

Discussion in 'Flat Packs and Assembly' started by noman74656, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    I am planning on building a subwoofer out of the 4 cu ft in the near future. I'm wondering what recommendations people have for the configuration.

    I have settled on the Stereo Integrity 18" woofer, but what would be the best way to drive it? would the Bash 500W plate amp be a good fit? Does a plate amp even fit on the back of the sub with the way the internal bracing of the box is setup?
  2. I would recommend a pro amp instead.

  3. Any particular reason? Or any particular amp you recommend??
  4. Try a inuke 3000DSP from parts-express.com
  5. I was thinking if I go with a pro amp that or the Crown XLS1500. Would either of those be more than enough for those 18" SI's?
  6. I tried to order one of these 4.0cuft flat packs the other day and receive an error with shipping. I sent an email for help.

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