(4) Eminence NSW6021's for sale, new/used

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    Hello everyone! I am in Houston TX and I have 4 perfect condition NSW6021 drivers for sale, two are unused (I did break them in through free-air testing to make sure they operated correctly though), and the other two are in cabinets and have never been powered with more than an NX6000. The NX6000 has a true RMS wattage of 2,000 and a true peak wattage of 2,500. So considering the fact that I wasn't riding the limiter of the amp, that means the two drivers that had power sent to them only ever saw around 1000 RMS and 2000 peak, so I operated well below their ratings of 2500 RMS and 5000 Peak respectively. I'll be selling the unused/new drivers first.

    The best way to contact me is on discord but I will also respond here, it will just be delayed. I would prefer local pickup but I can PROBABLY work out a shipping deal, I have the original heavy-duty shipping boxes so I'm not afraid to ship them, and if you happen to order all 4, I might just drive them straight to you myself if you're not too far. If we're doing digital payment methods, I accept Zelle, otherwise cash is king.

    My discord username is: classicality and this is BY FAR the best way to contact me

    Current pricing is $950 AFTER TAX (over $300 discount from new), and there is no pricing distinction between any of the drivers, they're all perfect, but I will ship out the unused/new ones first. I'll add some pictures later on Wednesday, but there's really not much to see, they're perfect.

    Also I can build normal cabinets, 4th order, 6th order, ported, sealed, for a price in case you want to use the drivers immediately, I'm not a super high tier professional like a cabinet shop, but I'm also not an idiot. My cab's function well.

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