88-Special for center with Cinema 8's for LR?

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by Deuce Lee, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,

    Trying to build a cheaper HT setup. I like the 88 special for the C because of it's wide horizontal disbursement. I'm thinking of going with the Cinema 8's for the LR. Would this work OK? Or would I be better off going with THREE 88-Special or THREE Cinema 8's for the LCR?

  2. I've been thinking of using the cinema 8s as well but going with a fusion 8 center channel. I don't have a screen but a 64" plazma. So, I have to put the center channel either above or below so I think the lower profile fusion 8 makes more sense for me.

    If you have a screen then the 88 special begins to make some more sense. As far as I can tell, the fusion 8, 88 special, and the fusion 8 center channel all use the same drivers (if not crossivers).

    For the surrounds I'm thinking fusion 8s.

    Still not sure in the Atmos...

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