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  1. I asked Erich if that kind of baffle would be an option later, and he said he hadn't seen much interest in it. I think he is wrong! People on this forum and I would like a pair. I have actually considered sawing the standard baffle into 3 pieces and re-arranging them. Then I would add a section at the bottom of the baffle to give the tower it's intended height. Lots of extra work, but possible. Now THAT would sure warrant a new build thread!
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  2. I've only seen 1099s with that config.

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  3. An important F8 Tower feature is that the waveguide is on the top. If we're trying to get the tweeters at ear height, that makes the tower closer to 40" than 50"... which has serious WAF implications.

    I'm hoping I can convince Erich to produce a flat pack for me since they've been taken off the website.

    If you go through the trouble, Scary, I'd love to see it! That would be an awesome build thread!
  4. That makes a ton of sense to me.

    There are my F8 towers in the background! ;)
  5. Yup - seen both of those.
    Beautiful cabs on the second one. I'm planning on doing something similar with side, top and full baffle veneering (note: my woodworking skills are at level zero), with the grill, of course.
  6. I've got it! Let's demand a flat pack for a waveguide on top, woofers on bottom, 40" tall, 14" deep tower, ported in back. Yeah, we can circulate a petition that threatens a walkout and............... okay, I'll take my meds now.

    Sheesh, we could do it like that 1099, and skip all those goofy little ports....
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  7. I really like what you did with the corners. And yes I agree the grill looks great!
  8. Thanks! It was a fun project.

    I thought I had everything perfect with a manual setup, so I decided to run YPAO just to see what the difference would be. I guess I wasn't as smart as I thought! YPAO made it even better. I'm so happy with my whole system now, that I might not get around to building the towers for a while. Maybe by then, we can order our baffles with the tweet on top..
  9. When I build 893, I'd like them to have more low freq extension which may allow me to run it without subs (2 channel system). That may require increasing the cabinet size and porting.
  10. That sounds like a good plan. I thinking of something around 70 liters. (2.47cubic ft) What do you think?
  11. Sorry but I have no idea what the final volume needs to be. I was going to wait until @LuisV builds his towers and just copy that. :)

    Not sure if the designer (Ryan) is a member of this forum. He will be the right person to ask.
  12. The Fusion 8 Towers are back on the DIYSG Website. I ordered the F8 Towers and the F8 Center. :)

    I'm hoping to veneer... although the F8 towers weren't available without the round over. Keep up the good work with the build threads... I'm still searching for finishing ideas!
  13. Thanks for the update, sugarbear.
    You can veneer the cabinets and paint the baffles pretty easily. I would veneer and finish the box before attaching the baffle. You can paint the baffle before, or after attaching to the cabinet. I would paint afterwards. In either case, first make sure the baffle fits well. Do a careful job masking the cabinet. Water based paint is way easier to clean up if you get sloppy. Yur gonna luv it

    The Fusions were my original first choice, but I gave up on them becoming available, so I built a 893 center, which I like. I also want to build towers, so I worked out a layout that would be acceptable - but a lot of work.

    Now that my original first choice is available, I'm wondering about building Alchemy Towers to go along with my 893 center. Does anyone know if that is a good idea? Can anyone who has listened to both give me a comparison?
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  14. Hopefully someone who knows better than me will chime in but, as you know, conventional wisdom says that the LCR should match as much as possible. Both designs use the same CD but different everything else - crossover, waveguides, mids and woofers.

    That said, the guy below who sold his F8 towers and center and built an 893 LCR says that the centers, after calibration, were more alike than different, so you might be OK:


    Since the F8 tower front baffles aren't available without the round over, your grill plans would have to adjust.
  15. Somebody at AVS just posted about building ported versions of the 893. Apparently there was a plot of simulations Ryan made for the 893 ported vs sealed. 80L gets to about 35Hz, 100L gets you a couple dB more.

    This is copied from Ryan's post, hope its' ok to do that.


    Blue = 100L and 35hz
    Pink = 80L and 35hz
    Black = 50L and 40hz
    Green = 30L sealed

    You would still need port dimensions for tuning frequency.

  16. Thanks for finding that thread - it looks like the F8s would probably be okay, but.... I might as well stay with the 893 plan. I am convinced that I'll be better off with ported towers, though.

    A side project will buy me some time, while I formulate an exact plan for the towers - Volt 6 surrounds. I want to build them with the angled baffle and mount them on the wall, against the 10' ceiling, so I can clear up some floor space. Paint them the same color as the wall and they will be unobtrusive. So I ordered the Volts yesterday.

    You decided on the F8s, right? It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Post your progress.

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  17. Hey all, I am a member here but have slowed down my posting everywhere, and rarely come on here. I use to be on this forum a lot, especially before it changed names. Sorry I don't come on much. If you PM me I get an email alert. I try to support people with the designs I've done as much as possible, but this is just a hobby for me and life can get in the way pretty easily. Sorry, I try my best :)

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  18. If we can get a batch of baffles made for tower speakers with the woofers on the bottom, I'd be in for a pair.
  19. Me too,

    I'm working on another project now, but when it's done, I would really like to order a pair with woofers on bottom. If Erich is watching this thread, he will be seeing the interest..
  20. This is hilarious, Scary. I have some Volt 6's coming with my towers and center as well... and I planned to build them first, and to paint them the same color as my walls, and place them at ceiling height! Nice to see my thought processes being validated somewhere.

    I have a feeling that progress will be slow but I'll put a thread here and on AVS (and possibly AVForums too).
  21. Thanks for dropping in, Ryan!

    The question I have is, for the 893, if someone put together a baffle with the TM section on top and both woofers below, would that require a crossover change?
  22. Great minds think alike! My volts will be here tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to getting started. It should be an easy project, and I've just ordered some wall mounts ( https://www.amazon.com/Mount-Heavy-...489451444&sr=8-13&keywords=speaker+wall+mount)

    I'll follow your thread on this one. Will post any cool ideas, if they happen. Did you actually order the F8s? I hope not, because the 893 tower plan is coming together, and I know you were interested in that.
  23. Dude, I totally bought the F8 towers. I don't have the woodworking chops to attempt modifying or creating an 893-based tower... Especially since I expect the two models to sound similar. The price difference helped too.

    I'll live vicariously through you, Scary! :D

    Here are the mounts I got for my Volts:
  24. We should talk to Erich and see how pairs would make it worthwhile for him to run a batch of towers with the woofers on the bottom. I'm sure we can round up enough interest. There's at leat 2-3 pairs in this thread already. I don't need the flat packs if it's too bulky to ship, just the baffle is fine.
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  25. I would build my own box as well, but it would be nice to have a one piece baffle to start with (38" - 40"). I have checked with the designer, and he likes the idea of a net 70 liter box tuned to 35 to 40 Hz. That works out to about 38X16X10.25 with a 3.75" round port cut 5 - 6" long. Parts Express # 260 480. I understand that the MDF supplied by DIY is a slightly different thickness from what I can buy locally, so it becomes a bit harder to do a Frankenstein baffle. Hope I don't have to..

    I will be building a pair of Volt surrounds when they show up today. After they are done, I'll get serious about the towers.

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