A boring (but awesome) Fusion Tempest Build

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  1. I just received my fusion 12 tempest kit, and I'm VERY excited. The flat packs are glueing together perfectly and I've placed the components on the crossover board.

    Best I can tell, there is no polarity on any of the components. Is that right? Could someone please look at my assembly before I solder them in?

    Also, do people hot glue the components in place? Seems like they might rattle, but it's hard to tell.

    Thanks so much!

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  2. Here is my dampening. It's an egg crate mattress pad, about 2.5 inches thick. I've been going back and forth on staples vs super 77. Any plus/minuses there?

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  3. I've never been good at taking my time with projects like this. I powered through and just got them hooked up. The family is sleeping so I can't really test them out, but so far, so good. No smoke, always good.

    The first thing I noticed was how easily the speakers image stereo. I turned on some music, and had to double check I was in stereo mode because I could swear my center channel was on. But nope. Just awesome.

    Big test tomorrow. In the meantime the rest of the build pics. I hot glued the components in place, which seemed to work well. I also carefully tested the crossover by turning the volume to zero, then very slowly bringing them up. Also used staples for the foam. Last time I used spray glue it was a mess.

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