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  1. Hello,
    A model of my DIY loudspeakers i have served Ti6k- JBL. My first contact with
    them, was in distant 2005.
    I started working with them in 2009 and finished in 2012.
    The loudspeakers are "SEAS"- Excel / Tw-1”, Mw-5”for center 2х 5.5”,Bass-8,5”/ and cross-over parts- "Intertechnik".

    Nominal impedance- 8 OhFreguency Range 30Hz-20kHzCharacterstic Sensitivity(2,83V/1m)- 87db
    Long Term-110W.
    Have are some pictures, if there is interest, i will continue.
    4-4.jpg колона1-1.jpg 07-07---.jpg колона1-1.jpg h.jpg
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  2. Nice work! I'm curious about the finish on your veneer. I'll be doing veneer on my cabinets soon, and would like to achieve that kind of sheen. Please tell me you didn't spray shellac. - I didn't want to spray ...........

  3. I'll have to disappoint you, the finish is 35-40 layers of acrylic auto varnish and after each layer- polishing in order to obtain this:
  4. Thought so. The more I look, the more I'm impressed! You have blurred the line between 'master craftsman' and 'artist'
    Another important question: How do they sound?
  5. Thank you!
    I'll have to use a cliché,there's sound, as they look!
    It's not a cliché, other people are the new owners , there are sold I do not know how to tell you otherwise about their sound, I'm sorry!
  6. Rear- speakers project - early stage;
    The loudspeakers are "SEAS"- Excel T25CF002-1", W18EX001- 6,5"
    Oll is made by hand, not used "CNC" machine:
    s-.jpg s-1.jpg s-2.jpg s-4.jpg s-3.jpg
  7. This is my other work in the initial phase;
    J&N-001.jpg идея 1-.jpg r.jpg идея 3-.jpg идея 5-.jpg
  8. and more.....идея 6-.jpg Falsh.jpg
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  9. A few more photo positions;
    f1.jpg f2.jpg f3.jpg
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  10. In fact, that's all about this project for now.

    I will continue with the project for the rear speakers.
    In fact, that's all about this project for now.
    I will continue with the project for the rear speakers. I forget to show you my idea for the project;
    For the next stage I made this "home matrix", with its help I bent 8 layers with 4 mm beech plywood;
    m.jpg m-1.jpg m-2.jpg s-1.jpg s-2.jpg
    s-3.jpg s--.jpg 20170412_133040.jpg
    It's time i to prepare the cabinet, to find the inside volume;
    m1.jpg M-1.jpg M-1-.jpg mt.jpg w-.JPG
  11. On the last picture,the red line is the waterline, the vas of cabinet must be fill with water next to it / everything must be perfectly horizontally!/.
    -I measure the weight of the my vented inner construction - 3.5 kg.
    -The amount of water is 42 l. in the box; 42-3,5= 38,5l, 4.5 l more than what's needed - what's next?
    The problem is that my investor likes the vision of the column.The decrease in volume must occur inside of the construction of the cabinet.This sends the project in a more initial phase,we have a new requirement for the project, another W18 EX001.

    Actually, I think I did not explain my method of finding an internal volume of a complex body.
    The answer was given so many years ago, about 2500 of the Archimedes genius!
    The volume per liter of water is equal to the volume of 1 kg. and 1l. Water = 1 kg,
    -their specific resistances are the same, with very little error.
    I will say it in a more understandable way:
    - if we have 20 liters of water in a bucket, this bucket will weigh approximately -20 kg.
    - if we have another liquid in this bucket, we may have 20 liters, but we will not have 20 pounds.
    In my method of measurement, i do not immerse the inner construction in the water, just I measure the weight and deduct it from the total volume.
    There is no simpler and more accurate method for finding the volume of a complex body,
    Archimed's method is flawless!

    Any other material we use to fill, we need to know the "ro" of this material.
  12. Amazing skills and spectacular finish.

    I wish you'd go into more details of the process of the build, design and design goals of the speakers. Of course, you may not have the time, but it would be very educational and appreciated.

  13. You are absolutely right! I have no time, I'm sorry! But ,if you want to see the sequel, please visit the address in the "facebook", this is no offense to the this forum.
  14. A little upgrade of the system - it's not bad!

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  15. When everything is created by your hands, the pleasure is endless!1.jpg
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  16. Looks awesome! Fantastic job!
    Do you have any more info regarding what appears to be a floating shelf holding the center channel up? I am guessing that all the shelving involved is your work as well.
  17. This is my idea, my design, I do not want to share it with the forum, if you wish, we can write to personal.
  18. Happy New Year!
    I hope to finish the rear speakers project this year!
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  19. another photo:J&N.jpg
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  20. I present to you my logo;

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