Adding Screen material to DIYSG inventory?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by DustinB, May 25, 2021.

  1. The Milliskin Spandex has performed amazingly well in both acoustic transparency measurements and visual quality. I wonder if Eric could manage to source it in black, neutral white and neutral grey (the light silver that is close to neutral grey is out of stock with no idea if it will come back). With Eric's sourcing prowess I wonder if runs that would get us a true neutral white and grey would be possible. Could also hopefully get some slightly wider rolls done to allow larger screen sizes. Ordering from here we'd never have to worry about it being packaged improperly for shipment. I could see it being a very popular product.
  2. Moving fabric is pretty far outside of Erich's wheelhouse. I can't imagine there's any potential for margin either as there's one big known-good seller that the DIY community knows all about, and they get piles of it so they likely have an insurmountable deal on it. If it were possible to source something wider than 60" in 4-way stretch then there might be value, but that's a fairly thin addressable market even among the DIY screen crowd.

    The screen frames themselves are already remarkably easy to make so I'm not sure there's anything to gain from that angle.
  3. The angle would be to get runs made with an ideal neutral white and neutral grey. Not the close enough white and light silver that isn't available anymore. Could charge double and people doing theater rooms would still consider it a deal.
  4. The standard combo promoted on AVS DIY screens is white layered on black, not grey.
  5. I always thought grey screens messed with colors, turns out I was wrong. There is such a thing as neutral grey that doesn't affect color at all. It just cuts brightness. Which means if you're projector can up it's brightness to compensate you can get significantly better black levels with no other compromise to the image, just have to run the projector brighter reducing bulb life.

    So the Milliskin light silver was a great option that got you much better black levels, but it's no longer available from them. If a fairly significant purchase was being made to resell, might be able to specify a specific grey and white, getting the community some ideal cost effective screen material. Might even be possible to ask for a 70 or 80 inch width to cover all the typical home theater screen sizes people would go for.
  6. Well if your going to add screen material, why not add DIY amplifiers??

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