advice on kit selection

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Tom Reepmeyer, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. I am finally replacing an old stereo and the kit speakers look very interesting. The old speakers are Celeston 100's with a Dayton sub, driven by Harmon Kardon Signature pre and power amps. Room is 15x15 living room with wood paneling and a fieldstone fireplace on one side wall. Oriental carpet covers most of the floor. The use is exclusively music including blues (e.g., Muddy Waters), classic rock (Van Morrison), Argentine Tango and ballroom dance (e.g., Sinatra for Foxtrot). Unlikely to ever really crank up to volume. Budget maybe $500 to $1000. Preferably bookshelf-sized.

    I've narrowed the short list to HTM 6, Fusion 6 or 8, and Overnight Sensation MTM. Maybe Elusive 1099 or Chane A1.4 - but they may be more than I need. Any comments would be welcome. Thanks.

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