AE TD15M and SEOS15 (with DNA360)

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  1. Hi Bill,
    I am new to SEOS, but I have built and owned Tom Danley's Unity Horns from about 10 years ago. I am not a designer...just a builder, and I noticed this thread because I have a pair of Lambda TD15M's hanging around that I would like to build into an MTM center speaker, just to compare to the Unity Horns. Do you have an MTM version of this design? Specifically, I would need to know how to modify your crossover to accomodate the extra 15" driver in an MTM configuration, as I have no knowledge of crossover design.
  2. That's not really just a simple crossover modification.
  3. Ok, thanks. I was just *hoping* that it would be as simple as duplicating the woofer section of the crossover, but I am not surprised that it is more complicated than that.
  4. Bill,
    Glad you are healing and back at it. I am new to this forum (relative beginner to DIY speakers) and trying to absorb as much as I can. Do you foresee a DIY speaker kit based on the SEOS 15 coming soon?
  5. Is this XO based on the 8 ohm TD15M and 3cf sealed?
  6. mrevo2u -- I'm sure there are people working on 15" SEOS designs, but what becomes a kit is up to Erich. I wish there were still cheap 15" Celestions around to soup up the Cheap Thrill with a 15" SEOS.

    clausdk -- It is based on 8 ohm TD15M. The box volume or type (sealed, ported) doesn't affect the crossover, those only have effect way below frequencies where crossovers work. To find how various boxes work with it, fire up WinISD. My boxes for TD15M were 5cuft sealed, went down to about 70Hz. If I remember right, ported boxes for it would have to be huge to be worthwhile.
  7. Ok thanks.

    I have WINISD up and running and it requires 5cf ported atleast. Since I will be wall mounting the center, I think sealed is the right way to go.

    Just filled up the shopping cart at parts express. I added the extra resistors in case I want to decrease the top end, as per instructions in the XO scheme.

    What cabinet width is this based on?

    Specific spacing between the waveguide and woofer?

    Flush mounted?

    I'm starting off building a center channel with this, and it will be wall mounted and a wider baffle would be preferred, not sure if this XO has bafflestep and diffraction built into it? Or if changing the width is a major crime. The Center will be EQ'd in the end anyways.

  8. Bill,

    How would you compare this build the the SEOS12/TD12M/DNA360? I was originally going to do my surrounds with MTG90's dual 6 inch design, but then reconsidered when calculating the cost. So my thinking was to do all surrounds with the 12/12 combo. However after seeing this I though perhaps I'd use these as the LCR's and all the 12/12's as surrounds. I know it's overkill, but it would be fun and I'm just playing with idea's right now as I design my theater room.

  9. I'm finishing up my TD15m DNA360/SEOS15 two way LCR and I have a few questions. I'm planning to go totally active on my crossover but I'm considering also doing an external passive crossover to compare. I was about to order up the parts for this when I just realized I have 4 ohm woofers.

    Was there ever a design done using 4 ohm woofers ? What do I need to do to account for that difference ?
  10. Mfusick,

    I think your closest answer might be here -
    except the SEOS level only has to be boosted by 3dB rather than 6dB was mentioned there - I just noticed the error. [SIZE=small]You can probably change that 12 ohm resistor to maybe 8 ohms or so to do that and not upset the rest of the circuit too much. If too bright, drop it to 10 ohms, if not bright enough, change to maybe 6 ohms or so.[/SIZE]

    [/size]Unless someone's done a design up with a measuring system on a real sample of the woofer.[size=small]
  11. I have ordered home all the elements and filters to be able to build this "creation"
    I have a pretty small room and therefore need to position the speakers very close to the wall.
    How can I configure the filter if it becomes too bass-heavy?
    The speakers are intended for LR and center channel. Sincerely, Niklas from Sweden
  12. It was my guy who fixes my room acoustics that said it can be a problem.
    hope you can come up with advice and tips how I should proceed if there is a problem.

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