Another SEOS 12/DNA 360 + 2226H

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    Here's my nearly completed build using the SEOS 12/DNA 360 and 2226H combo, using Matt's passive crossover design. I needed something to replace the crummy PA cab in my center channel that would blend well with my Altec A7's (room correction can only go so far), so I wanted to build something that has above all excellent vocal presentation and good off-axis response. The 2226H was the top choice for the woofer and I managed to pick one up on ebay with a factory cone at a good price. It took me a while to settle on a HF unit to mate with it, and I considered designs such as an econowave and the 4 Pi, but I decided the SEOS 12 and DNA 360 was the best bang for the buck.

    The box is constructed with 3/4" MDF and all the pieces were cut out on a CNC router, allowing me to design more intricate bracing that interlock and fit onto pockets on the inside faces.

    On listening, the speaker exceeds all of my expectations.

    Sorry about the quick write-up but I have to get back to real-life stuff. I'll update and answer any questions as I am able
  2. Very nice. That's a lot of speaker for the money spent. I like the slot port.

    Attaboy for you :)

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