Another SEOS design. This one is very cheap.

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  1. Hey Tux,

    I finally finished my first test box and I had another question on the EQ filters. Are these filters Peak, Hi Shelf, or Low Shelf?

    I'm amazed at what that litte DNA can do. That's quite the $16 tweet!

  2. Those are normal peak eq's, no shelving.

    This reminds me that you wanted something on the 654 I never got back to you. Are you still planning on using that?
  3. Yes, I would be interested in seeing the active settings for the Jack.
  4. Since I purchased only the front baffle, here is a screen shots of the winisd model. I used the PE specs rather than the ones in winisd. Hope that was not a mistake.

    The full internal volume is 1.3 cu.ft., subtract out the drivers, ports, and bracing and I'm down to 1cu.ft. effective volume. This model gives 43hz tuning with the two ports. Winisd is suggesting 5.6" ports and the ones from the store are 4.5". After I have a chance to do some listening I may experiment with installing a shelf over the ports to see if I can eek out some more of the lows.

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  5. More attachments.

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  6. Max,

    I added active settings to the Jack post. But did you want to use the DW-654? Let me know and I'll try my best, but haven't actually paired up that combo.

    The winisd model looks a little odd. Shows a sealed-like roll off below 80hz but then your picture below it says F3 = 50hz ? I would expect about a 50hz F3 with that box and tuning. I wonder if the PE specs have a mistake in them.
  7. Thanks Tux,

    Was curious/concerned about the differences from the PE specs vs the ones in WinISD. I'll run some new models with their specs.

    I already have the DW-654's, I'm hoping that a "Jack" relative with that waveguide can be created. When the weather clears, and I'm able to figure out the techniques of taking proper measurements I could provide FRD's to augment the design.
  8. Just remembered I had the high pass set to 80hz on that WinISD model. I had intended to use a sub.
  9. Oh ya, that does look high passed. Ok makes sense then. PE's numbers are probably ok.
  10. Couple of build pics....

    Decided to build the crossover so it doubles as a shelf above the ports to extend their length.

    The top, bottom and side walls are lined with 1/2" PE Sonic Barrier, on the Back I splurged and went with 1".

    To me the passive crossover sounds every bit as sweet as the active. Nice job Tux!

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  11. I haven't figured out anything for the 654 yet but haven't forgotten. I've been hoping to measure it instead of guess, but I don't know, I might have to guess.
  12. No worries, I've got plenty to keep me busy.
  13. Finally have both speakers almost finished. Close enough to include this action shot.

    I added 1/3 lb of Polyfill to each speaker and covered with three coats of black Duratex.

    These things seriously rock for the money!

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  14. I am not so sure if the grills will be permanently mounted.... :eek:

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  15. Laughing out loud at those grills. Well hey, they're roller derby speakers right :D

    Nice speaker stands ???
  16. The grills are toast.... Ugh! Some lucky charity may be getting those and some misc. buyouts...
    Those are my Zaph ZMV5 stands. :-X
    As much as I've enjoyed listening to music on these, its time for some HT.

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