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  1. Cheers for that!
    Seeing as they're non-ported I'll certainly be interested to hear what sort of sensitivity these get?
    Good Stuff. ;)
  2. Sorry guys...I was on a business trip. Saw the posts...didn't have time to respond.

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Correct on the woofer...Dayton Classic 8" sensitivity won't be that high. In fact I ended up having to pad down the tweeter over 25dB at 2kHz just to match up with it. Sensitivity wasn't something I was going for with this design....and trying to do a 3 way synergy, with essentially an unknown interior volume and get the bass reflex loading right wasn't something I wanted to try for the first time out.
    [*]I attached the plot for the current crossover...but there is a few caveats. Because of some issues with Sound "really difficult but one of the better buys for speaker development and the least expensive way I could find to preview crossovers using a sound card" Easy, I lost a good low frequency measurement of the woofers. Ignore response under 200Hz...I'm not sure that's right. This isn't going to be my final crossover...I still don't have phase and frequency response quite where I want them. That said...this is still the most detailed, engaging speaker I've ever heard. There is something magical to the design that I cannot overemphasize.



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  3. I should probably say what drivers I used in total:

    Tweeter: PRV D290, for the price a beast of a driver, great sound...spectacular matching across my three samples.
    Mid: Dayton Designer Series 3" wide band...if you grind off a bit of the inside of a 3" PVC cap you can use that as a back cup, tried the Fountek aluminum full rangers but the floppy aluminum cone rang like a bell at 2.5kHz when used in a Synergy application.
    Woofer: Dayton Classic 8", good excursion, power handling and

  4. +1
  5. All...

    With the limited attachment size for this forum...I may end up having to do a word document describing my Synergy's. I have permission from Tom to post about them...and they are..."mostly" done. I may still do some crossover refinement....but other than that, they are done.


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  6. These look really good. I like the contrast in colors and really want to build some of these. Maybe I will make it my Winter project. Looking forward to impressions and detailed post.
  7. Hi there, any new updates or write ups?

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