Any demand for a Seos kit version of the La Scala?

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Would you be interested in a Seos version of the La Scala?

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  1. I keep thinking a Seos version of the Klipsch's La Scala/Belle would be downright awesome :cool:

    Possibly a new Seos horn may have to be engineered along with a 2" compression driver but I really think there would be demand. Even if off the shelf parts are used (PRV, Eminence, etc) it would be far superior to something designed 50 years ago. Perhaps the Denovo Audio DW-854B & DNA-150 for 5000hz+. Overall the cost should be no more than the Maximus-12 LXE + flatpack :)

    These are often the holy grail in the mind of most horn lovers including myself. Fully horn-loaded including the woofer.
    1) Sadly the La Scala II costs $3,999 each!
    2) Used versions cost a lot, must be re-veneered, crossover upgraded, woofer replaced, possible diaphragm's replaced, and horn falls short of recent advancements in horn technology.
    3) Forget about building one. No CNC machine, finding plans a nightmare, and finding parts a major PITA.

    So am I alone here? Any interest in a Seos version of this?:
  2. I notice most DIYSG posts are on AVSForums but I just noticed the "Titan-615 (coming soon)" that's posted on the home page. Not fully horn loaded but pretty darn cool :cool:. Curious what the drivers will be?
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    How about putting a SEOS 12 w/DNA-360 on top of a Khorn?

    It has a LOT more acoustic energy than the stock K-77. The sound is tremendous, very dynamic. It almost sounds like another mid-range when used with the Crites A-4500 XO, which crosses from the mids at 4500 Hz instead of the stock 6000 Hz.

    You can see by the way I have it set back to align the mid and tweeter CD's. It takes care of some the time-alignment delay problems inherent to Khorns.Khorn right SEOS front.JPGKhorn SEOS right top view.JPG

    This shows the location of the Khorn in my living room w/pics of the kids instead of the SEOS. The pics of the kids had to go to make room for the SEOS. You've got to have priorities.
    Khorn 1978 living room IMG_4673.JPG

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