Any SEOS/15" Designs Planned?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by nottaway, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. I see there are several 12" designs available. Are there any plans to design a 15"? I thought I read that the 15" worked better as far as directivity or something? Why no 15" designs? The Eminence Delta 15 is like $5 more....
  2. Do you mean SEOS 12 with 15" woofer or SEOS 15 with 15" woofer?
  3. Yes, I'm sorry the SEOS 12 and a 15" woofer. ;D
  4. Build a box for the Deltalite II 2515 and SEOS-12 and take some measurements. I'm always game for working up a crossover for someone to try.
  5. I just pulled the trigger on 2x 2226H's for pretty cheap, so I'm hoping one of the designer decides to do so.
    I really wish I could be more help but designing a crossover is definitely outta my league.

    There's always the 4PI's as backup, but with the cost of the DE250 being more expensive, I'd really rather do a SEOS design. It's not like this opportunity comes around much>

    I'd be happy to ship a 2226 out to Bill or anyone else who's working on one.... just gimme it back when you're done ;D
  6. I could do it, but I don't have a 15" test cabinet to measure in. (I don't want to pull the TD15M from my main cabs, way too hard to work with). Maybe if you can get erich to come up with a kd box for 15s and waveguides?
  7. Bill, we sure appreciate your helping us newbs out..... :eek:
  8. +100
  9. I for one would really appreciate it. I will be using your SEOS 12/Deltalite II 12 design also.
  10. I'm interested too - I ordered 3 of the 2226J's from Erich (should arrive in a couple days), to use with 360s and SEOS-12s. I've only built speakers based (at least loosely) on others' designs, so will be hunting around for design help as well.

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