Are 1099's etc dead in the water now?

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  1. I've been trying to order some 1099's for 2 years but have never seen them in stock. I would love to build either the 1099's, 1299's or the titans. Has all of this fizzled out now?

    Or anything out there that is comparable? Most of the other home theater or AV forums have slowly withered and the builds have slowed (besides maybe AVS) . I remember watching these as they were introduced but I didn't order at the time because we were moving. I really wanted a trio at least for my theater and to compare to my buddies JTR's.
  2. They are still going strong. The 1099 and 1299 have both been in stock in the last few months.

  3. Seriously? For over 2 years I have checked either daily or a couple times a week. I know a little over a year ago I missed a pre order that some people got in on. But I never saw them.
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    Yup. If you look at the 1099 page, the "Finalize your order" tab is still live. People have been getting their orders for the last couple of weeks. They were available to order for quite a while. The 1299s went quick too, then they just fell off the page recently. Erich did post Monday, which is encouraging, that things are about to come back.
  5. Get the Chrome browser extension. It will check at a specified frequency and notify you when there's a change to a webpage you're monitoring. You'll need to leave your computer on, with Chrome running.

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