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  1. Hi,

    just have found the spredsheet for the Synergy horn.
    I am currently thinking to use such an Synergy horn based speaker for my upcoming home theater.

    My main problem is the size the horn. If I will use for example 4 x 4 inch midrange drivers and 4 x 8 inch bass drivers the box will then have 72cm x 72cm x 40cm with 90 x 90 dispersion horn.

    Is it possible to just use 2 midrange and two bass drivers und put the bass drivers on one side and the midrange on the other side of the horn? This will signifisantly reduce the depth of the horn because you then dont need to put the bass and the midrange driver above each other.

    To make it more clear I just created two quick and dirty sketches in sketchup.
    The red areas are the openings in the horn.

    Will then the horn still work as expected?
    Are there any disadvantages instead of using the classical 4xmid/4xbass layout?

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