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    Sorry for my bad english, im a french canadian ! Im new to speaker building but i work in pro-video production ( im a video guy ). Looking around this site I decided to start my own 5.1 project ... and im looking for help.

    Im not looking for top hi end product, just to have something better for the same bucks.
    Its a wlm situation ( wife limited budget ), its not that i dont want or cant put more, i dont have the right too.

    - 400$-700$ budget for everything.
    - Denon avr 1912 for the amp.
    - 4 sat speaker, 1 mid 1 sub.
    - I dont have the tools to build my own speaker cases.
    - If the electronic could be already made up would be perfect
    ( ) I just suck at electronics and dont have solder gun. Something like this would be perfect.
    - The 2 back and the mid speaker dont need tweeter if it cost less to build something whitout a crossover and a tweeter .... a basic full range should do the job. A good 2.1 and some cheap back speaker and a ok mid for the voice would be nice.
    - I need small speaker for the 2 back, I like clean case nothing fancy, and white cones if possible.
    ideal design ( )
    - Small to medium room, 400 foot square kitchen included.
    - If it just cost less tu buy a ok sub, witch one ?

    Like I said im new to speaker building, i could not find a noob guide on how to start ( specific tools you need to connect the inside electronics. ), so if some of you could help me out on how to start whit this project it would be nice !

    I will post pic and update of the making off when i will start.
  2. Hello and welcome.
    To be honest, that is a tough budget for a full 5.1 system with the quality of speakers and cabinets that are offered here. You could do a killer L & R and then have some money for the center or sub, but probably not the surrounds.
    IMO. Start there and expand when budget permits.
  3. Thats what I was thinking.

    What I need is a good 2.0 or 2.1 to start ( would really like to have a sub to focus the 2.0 on low-mid and hi ).
    And i dont need a killer sub, i dont live in a house ! Even if my condo has concrete isolation the point is not to make the building shake.

    The center and the surround can be buy or made later, the 2 back speaker are just there to fill the place and for mid to hi frequency effect in movie I dont plan to spend a lot on them, the center is only for the voice when im in 5.1 mode so it don't need to be a super awesome nice speaker like left and right.

    Like I said in my first post, i dont have the full tools do make my own speaker case or to do custom electronics, im looking for a kit to assemble... since I think I could get a better sound quality for my cash ?

    I have 0 experience into building hardware audio, but im a location sound recordists in my everyday job.
    ( sorry my recorder is not in the pic )

    So i know how sound work when i record it, but for speaker making and electronics ... im such a noob.
  4. How about the size of them? Kharma 8 or Karma 10. 10" sealed sub with plans to add another one. Multiple subs are important, even if you don't need SPL. But if space is a concern, 10" subs would be good for room smoothing without the SPL.
  5. I dont think that you have read my first post at all.

    Multi sub ... so useless for my project ... a budget 5.1 for a 400ft room that include a kitchen on the side ... you think i should put 2 sub into that set-up ?

    I need a good 2.1 ( not some huge monitor for the 2.0 if possible, a woofer and a tweet in a good compact cabinet )
    2 really small back speaker with 1 full range speaker per speaker ....
    1 center ( small if possible, the center is not even active when you play music ... )

    And if you make some math, you will notice that i cant afford a 400$ sub, something around 150 if i want to make the other 5 speaker too.
  6. I read what you wrote. I'd build two nice speakers and one 10" sub. Then down the road I'd build another 10" once fund permit. Then add center and surrounds later. Yes, multi subs help any small room, even yours. Not for output, but for room smoothing.
  7. Ok, regarding my restriction what kit or .... custom set-up would you go for the 2.1
  8. Why not build 5 Overnight Sensations TM and but a Dayton 1200 sub that should get you in under budget and be fine for the room size you have.
  9. I agree your missing the the single most important tool of any diy'er... a hammer lol

  10. I concur with your sentiments. I was thinking of getting a pair of Dayton 1200's myself. I too have a small living room and it is in an apartment.

    I would also think about buying three of the OS MTM's and a Dayton 1200 and call it a day until you have some more money to finish up your project. With the MTM's you would have some speakers that could handle anything your Denon can through at them and sound really bitchin to boot.

    If you cannot build your own crossover you could purchase the kits from Meniscus and buy your flat packs from here. To have Meniscus build your crossover you will spend an additional 23.00 per speaker. You would just need to ask them to supply the Dayton kit so it will have the right crossover and tweeter to fit the flat packs.

    21.50 + shipping flat pack
    85.70 complete kit
    23.00 for XO assembly
    + shipping
    130.20 per speaker wo/ shipping

    On the other hand you might think about saving your money on a more expensive kit and buy a soldering iron. PE has a nice one for cheap. That iron and solder, along with some cheap speaker wire and some connectors would be money well spend since you would then own another long lasting tool.

    Good luck on your project!

  11. @ Kevin, kind of off topic but I think two 1200s in a small living space might be kind of overkill. I've used a a velodyne vx10 in several smaller living rooms and found it to been more than adequate for HT and its only a 150 watt 10".

  12. That may be. The person who is looking for advice is asking for opinions. I am not saying to run out and buy two subs, I am just saying that is my plan. I want some good low end extension. I have for years put up with an anemic sub so I want to hear some serious lows. :p

    But I would certainly think that three OS MTM's would be a great low cost solution to start with. It will undoubtedly take some experimentation to find the right mix for his small HT system. But the OS MTM would be a great place to start and is good enough to grow with him if he moves or decides to build a larger system in a larger room.

    Just my two cents... ;D


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