Beta-10CX + PSD2013-8 crossover design

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  1. This design was done for NWCgrad over on AVS forum.

    He inquired about using the beefier PSD2013-8 compression driver on the back of the Beta-10CX. The crossover came together without being too terribly complicated though the limiting factor for SQ is how CD's measure in the Beta-10CX. Like the Volt designs the top end still measures somewhat rough it is more apparent in measurements with less smoothing, fortunately it is not too objectionable.

    I am sure some of you want to know how this one compares to the Volt-10. This design with its more complex crossover helps to maintain a flatter response shape then the original Volt-10 and that makes the top end more refined. The titanium diaphragm does lend itself to a slightly sharper sound which some may like more then the phenolic one in the DNA-150. The lower and steeper crossover also helps to bury the woofer's breakup a bit better and the midrange was pulled up slightly to give it a more balanced sound.

    That said the new Volt-10LX which has been in development for a while also features many similar improvements to the design over the original Volt-10 and does give this design a run for its money.

    The crossover:

    Measurements, On axis with drivers:

    0-90 degrees off axis (10 degree increments):

    Average from 0-30 degrees:

    Response and phase at 20 degrees. (On axis REW has a phase tracking issue and adds 360 degrees of rotation at 6k, hence the 20 degree off axis measurement.):
  2. Might this work just as well for a beta 12cx + psd2013? I have such a setup and the crossover I came up with just isn't doing it for me. Just wondering if there are any thoughts on adapting it (or simply copying and hoping for the best).

  3. Unfortunately the crossover is not likely to work as well with the Beta-12CX, you could try but the delays from the physical offset, frequency response and sensitivity are all likely to change with the different driver.

    Do you have any measurement gear? If you can get me decent frequency response and impedance measurements of the drivers I could possibly design something more usable for that combination.
  4. that is unfortunate. I actually do have measurement equipment but due to time (toddlers) I'm limited to using audio tools app on an iphone with a little dayton mic. oh and indoors -- I'm stuck indoors (that's the biggie).

    If I ever get a chance, I'll post the measurements here. THanks.

    edit: honestly for just using iphone app and filter guesswork, I'm surprised it sounds as good as it does -- I just know it could sound a bunch better. You are right about the HF though. the first time I measured it I thought I wasn't rising above ambient noise enough to get a good measurement! all over the place.

  5. Did you ever get these measurements or how could I go about it? I have a 12CX and would be interested in trying a PSD2013S-8

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