Beyond bwaslo's SEOS15/DE250/TD15M?

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  1. Hi,

    I've been enjoying bwaslo's crossover for this combination for a year now and quite like it. However, the DE250 seem to be less detailed than it's partner woofer. The SB Acoustics Satori 2 way monitor i have whilst SPL limited is also more detailed. So I would like to upgrade the DE250.

    Whilst I would love to get me some 1" beryllium CDs, it seems only Radian makes them. Would their 475BePb suit the SEOS15 & TD15M combo? Or would it be a disaster and should be avoided?

    I understand the crossover must be totally revamped but I realised FRA & ZMA can be derived from measurements images & bwaslo has kindly allowed us to simulate crossovers in X-sim so I'm gonna try that. I also have minidsp for rapid prototyping to help speed up the process.


  2. ( If it was me & ) considering the cost of those drivers I'd want to see some visual evidence that my ( upgrade ) expectations are going to be met .

    Here's a pdf comparison ( in German ) showing the response of the 475Be when compared to JBL 2426's running stock titanium ( & then Radian aluminum ) diaphragms.

    Frequency response wise, ( at least in this adhoc test ) the 475Be looks to be deficient in the HF ( not good for a $550.00 price tap ) .

    The tester ( Guido ) knows what he is doing, so I don't think that is the problem here.

    For the low price entry of my next suggestion, consider investing in a pair of these new drivers from Peerless.

    Here's a thread about them ( over at TechTalk ) where the thread's author ( badman ), myself & Bill Waslo have begun the process of putting them through their paces.
    - Bill is also trying these out on a new project of his that can be read about at DIY.

  3. Is the DE250 the same compression driver as the DNA-360?

    Could the lack of detail be in the crossover components and not the HF driver itself? I know there are boutique (read, expensive) capacitors and resistors that get attention for being more detailed and revealing.

    I'm not suggesting anything, just wondering out loud.
  4. The DNA-360 extends a little lower, and a bit higher than the DE250. It purposely has a hump around 15khz - 18.5khz to give it that little extra 'boost'.....for those that can hear up that high.
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