Big Mal crossover question

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  1. I’m ashamed to say I’m just now getting around to finishing up my Big Mal center (to go with the most excellent Fusion Tempest 12s that I built a few years ago). So here’s the problem. I printed out a schematic of the crossover back when this was an active topic but I’m not sure I have the final version. I think maybe this was considered “Big Mal 3”? All the posts I can find have the schematics/photos missing.
    Anyway my question centers around the 150 microfarad cap. I’m starting to lay out the circuit board and decided to redraw the schematic so I could understand the parallel-series connection of the NS6 speakers. After I redrew the four speakers to show two outer speakers in parallel connected in series with the two inner speakers (also in parallel) it looks like the 150uf cap is rolling off all four speakers, not just the outer pair as intended. Thoughts? Does anyone have a “final” version of the Big Mal crossover schematic? Hoping that Mr Waslo himself is still monitoring this forum.
    Thanks, Gunther
  2. This is the only schematic I have from that design:

    If you looks close you will see that the 150uF capacitor is connected across the terminals of the two outer woofers. As frequencies rise that capacitor begins to bypass those two outer woofers and the two inner woofers take over.
  3. Thanks, Matt. I had redrawn the series parallel incorrectly. Makes sense now. Thanks for digging out the schematic!
  4. Did you ever get the BigMal done?


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