Calgary, Alberta

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  1. Well.... no waveguide or horn system here, but I think it's nice in its own way. I live in Calgary, Alberta.

    My humble setup consists of Dennis Murphy's Philharmonic Audio Model 2 + Marantz SR6003. In the room they're in they have room to breath. No center, and the surrounds are pretty basic. Only a single sub for now - an exodus audio Gen 2 Maelstrom, sealed in just under 9 cuft

    Still I want to a side by side comparision with a larger format SEOS style speaker. Will be working on one such speaker sooner or later.

    Most of my sources are laptop based VIA HDMI. I don't have a dedicated CD player; but i do have a ps3.
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    Whooah! Now that would be nice to hear. If I visit my sister in Calgary sometime soon, I'm going to be knocking on your door :D
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    Yes, they are quite nice to hear. I wanna give them a better amp though, like a Crown XLS-2000. As soon as I receive and pay the invoices from John Janowitz and Erich for my orders, I'll be able to see if I've got any expendable money for one. Until then I don't want to be too zealous.

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