Can someone Compare-Contrast the Vortex and HT/HTM

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    I’ve done some reading here and still not sure how to go about choosing between these two design types. From Erich’s comments about the Vortex not selling well, it seems others may have similar questions.

    From my understanding, the Fusion/HTM/HT are in 1 category (SEOS+midrange driver), and the Vortex/Volt are in the coaxial category.

    The general consensus seems to preference the F/HTM/HT line for majority Movies (Volts as Atmos or Surrounds). The narrow depth is designed for AT screen placement. The SEOS offer wide dispersion/coverage.

    Are the Vortex preferred for majority Music vs Movies?...due to more full range capability?

    How much (coverage/dynamics/sound quality/?) do you give up one way or the other? (What are the trade-offs?)

    I’m thinking a compare/contrast list or some type of concise explanation/guide of HOW and WHY to choose one or the other based on: end use, size constraints, etc... would be beneficial.

    This may already be available and I’ve missed it, and if so, please point me there.

    Practically, I need you guys to help ME decide which ones I need for MY setup...but I’m hoping this could be beneficial for others as well.
  2. For my personal setup, I just built the
    HTM-1010 Center, and need to add L/R mains and side surrounds to complete a 5.2 setup. For subs, I’m building 2 dual VBSS, so 18”x4.

    I have music playing every evening, we watch very little TV. I’d like to be able to crank the music up occasionally. We watch movies on the weekends.

    I’m thinking Fusion-15 towers, Vortex-15 towers, or HT-12s on stands on the sides of the TV armoire. HT-10/8s or Volts for surrounds. Thoughts?
  3. One of MG’s comments from the AVS thread - “I'd take the Coaxials over the Titan for music especially when used in a larger tower enclosure but I think the Titan is still better for home theater use when you want a larger sweet spot and better coverage for multiple seats.”
  4. Post #1700 in the AVSForum Vortex discussion has some solid guidelines on coaxial (Vortex/Volt) use.
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  5. Thanks, it would not let me post the link for some reason.
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