CDX-1731 and Beta12-CX?

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  1. @Matt Grant

    Before I venture to do a tripe 12 kind of design with the Volt-12 concept and the F-110 or the D220ti (Osprey 12 Design from Michael Chua from Ampslab) what are your thoughts, just from what you know of these drivers and how they react from your design work to doing the 1731 with a Beta-12CX for a >appx 200Hz to 20khz passband? Mag 12s as the LF transducer in this alignment. Given the Hyperlite custom Coax 12” Eminence is a thing of the past (sadly) and the stock ‘Em KL 12 Coax cant be used and I’m only looking for this freq range will this convo be more effective and a better performer than that F-110M?

    Thanks Matt
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