Center Channel for Alchemy Towers

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by dschrader, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. All,
    I have the alchemy towers and love them. However, I only have 7.5 inches of clearance under the plasma. What would be a good center channel speaker to closely match the alchemy towers?
  2. Maintaining similar sensitivity to your Alchemy Towers ( LR's ) is important .

    A person with advanced DIY acumen could shoehorn something appropriate into the 7.5 ( critical ) height dimension ( while still using DIYSG ) components. It would necessitate a custom design .

    For the typical AIYer ( "Assemble It Yourself" ) choosing from available kits, the choices are pretty slim to almost none ( using my criteria ) .

    The Fusion6 Vibe ( center ) comes closest ( though it would need a small rework of the crossover to turn it into a 4 ohm device to up it's 2.83V sensitivity / vs / it's current 12 ohm status ). A different compression driver (swap in the DNA 205 ) would also be very helpful here ( again, necessitating additional rework of the network ) .

    You may want to contact mtg90 ( Matt, the designer of the "Vibe" series ) to see if he would be interested in pursuing these rework ideas ( offering up some design monies might be helpful to put things into motion ) .


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