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  1. Hi,

    I am planning on building my first DIY speakers.

    I will start with the LCR speakers and I was looking for the Fusion 8 + Fusion 8 Center, but the center is out out stock, so I was thinking: what about the Cinema 6?

    I know it's out of stock (and it will probably be on again), so I would probably need to buy 3 Fusion-6 Center and turn around the wave guide an make some adjustments on the XO (I talked to Matt Grant and told me it is possible). The thing is I couldn't find any feedback regarding this speaker... Any appreciations? Opinions?

    What do you recommend?
    1-. 3x Cinema 6 for LCR
    2-. Wait and get 2x Fusion 8 + Fusion 8 Center.

    I checked, and 3x Cinema 6 have more (marginally) surface the the Fusion 8 choice, but they are 4Ohm, so it will be more taxing on my receiver, right? (Pioneer VSX 924)

    Some background from me:
    -. Room is very small
    -. Already Have dual sealed 3cu ft. Dayton UM15
    -. Will use 100% for movies, almost no music.
    -. My last spakers were Cambridge Audio Minx 325
    -. SPL is not my target.

    Looking forward to your help.


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