Combined Mid and Tweeter waveguide block

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    A combination of Mid and tweeter waveguide block like the Klein+Hummel O410 or Neumann KH420 would be a killer product.
    I saw the Titan (impressive!) that have a Mid + CD waveguides in a block, but I'd like tu use a tweeter instead of a CD. ( for a near field studio monitor.)
    Any chances that this product would be produced?

    PD: I bought a couple of Seos 8 and I'm toying with the possibility of build a companion mid waveguide made of fiberglass, but is a very difficult process, I'd very much like to buy it already done buy someone that actually knows what is doing.:)

    Or at least a mid waveguide? Like the one on the Titan?
  2. The waveguide in the titan design was an existing product so no custom tooling was needed. I am sure if a mid/tweeter waveguide like you described were to be found it's possible it could be ordered and listed on the DIYSG site.
  3. Thanks for your response, Mr Grant.
    If the product I'm asking is unlikely to be produced a line of action would be to buy a combined waveguide like the one in the Titan, cut the CD horn and put a Seos with a dome over it. A real Frankenguide.
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