Complete DIYSG theater kit

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  1. Hey Matt/Group, I'm new to DIY audio besides making my own 18" sub last November and car sub building in the early 90's. Have you designed a complete timbre match theater kit? Say 5.1 or 7.1.4 complete kit with flatpacks? I guess you could just do all HTM/HT for all 11 speakers, but was thinking for the 1099 or Titan. Would it be possible to create smaller surrounds with the Titan tweeter and mid and say a 12" or 10"?

    I guess I'm late for the Vortex 15" or 12" which seem similar to what Ascendo is doing.


    Dream kit #1:
    Titan 818LX (LCR)
    Titan Surround 10"/12" or Vortex 12"

    Dream kit #2:
    Vortex 15 LCR w/flatpack
    Vortex 12 Surround w/small cubic foot flatpack

    Has this been discussed before?

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