Consequences of Swapping out SEOS-10 for SEOS-8 (HT-8)?

Discussion in 'Waveguides and Horns' started by Clark Hathaway, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. I started another thread earlier discussing my efforts to design proportional-looking columns to house the HT-8. My problem was that the supplied SEOS waveguide (10") forced a wider than appealing column width. Dejected, I began to consider the Volt 8's as a possible replacement, but not without some pain given the general consensus that the HT-8 are simply a better surround speaker than the Volt's

    After the post, I began wondering at the various sizes of the SEOS waveguide and found a smaller version at the DIYSG website:

    I am not a speaker designer, but I am wondering how the HT-8 response would be affected if I swapped the SEOS 10 for a SEOS 8...? If the performance is in the ballpark (still better than the Volt 8's) I could build a narrower box and have genuine love for my svelte theater columns!

    Thanks !

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