Crossover PCB's for many speaker designs on DIYSG

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    Most of these will be offered with the kits in the near future when the PCB's are ordered in bulk but in the mean time I do have custom crossover PCB's for many of the kits carried by DIY Sound group.

    All boards include snap in standoffs and mounting screws (you can see them in the photos of the smaller boards) as well as terminal blocks. Shipping within the US is included in price.

    If you are interested in purchasing any of the boards feel free to send me an email: mtg90 (at)

    Edit since the forum is limited to 20 photos per post example pictures of crossovers after assembly are on post #4

    I currently have crossover boards designed for,
    88-special, 5" x 7", $12 each:

    893, 6" x 7.5", $12:

    1099, 6.75" x 8", $12:

    1299 6" x 8.25", $12:

    Concentric-8, not many of these left if enough are requested then more can be made but seeing as the kit is discontinued they may end up NLA.

    Fusion-8 Alchemy, 3.8" x 5", $10:

    Fusion-8 Tower / Cinema-8 / Fusion-8 Center, 4.5" x 5", $10:

    Fusion-15, 5.5" x 8", $12:

    HTM-8, 4.8 x 7", $12:

    HTM-10/12, 4.8" x 7", $12:

    Titan-615/LX, 6" x 9", $12:

    Also PCB's for more conventional designs:
    C-note, 2.75" x 5.1", $18 pair:

    Classix II, 4" x 5", $18 a Pair (photo is of just PCB but terminal blocks, standoffs and screws are included as with all PCBs):

    Nexus MT/MTM, 4.5" x 4.5", $18 a Pair. Designed so that NPE or Poly cap can be used on midrange:

    Nexus Center/Tower, 5.25" x 7.25", $12 each, $20 for a Pair. Designed so that NPE or Poly cap can be used on midrange:

    Overnight Sensation, 3" x 5", $18 a pair:

    Overnight Sensation MTM 3" x 5", $18 a pair:

    Speedster 3" x 5", $18 a pair:

    Others PCBs I have designed and just need to get photos of:
    S2000, 3.25" x 5.375", $18 a pair.
    S2000 MTM, 2.75" x 5", $18 a pair.
    Cobalt (works with MT and MTM), 4.25" x 5.75", $18 a pair.
    Helix (Work with all four versions of the design, Ribbon or Dome and MT or MTM), 4.25" x 5.25", $18 a pair.
    Apollo (MT or MTM), 4.9" x 8", $20 a pair.
    Ares (MT or MTM), 5.5" x 4.25", $18 a pair.
    Tritrix (MT or MTM) 6.2" x 3.15", $18 a pair.
    Aviatrix MTM (Sealed or MLTL) 6" x 4", $18 a pair
    Amiga MT 5.75" x 3.5", $18 a pair.
    Fusion-10 6.25" x 5" $20 a pair (only a few of these left)

    List will likely grow as more kits are added and/or if there are any requests. If you want PCBs for design not listed above feel free to contact me as well.

    Updated list of the non-DIYSG crossover boards that I have available and links to the respective eBay listings can be found here.
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    I have also designed a small aluminum input panel that allows you to turn any of the Dayton KAB or Sure JAB amplifier boards with bluetooth into a small plate amplifier for easier installation and mounting. Designed to make use of the optional Functional cables package and LED indicators. Allows easy mounting of the optional battery extension board as well. Measures 4.75"h x 3.75"w.

    Other Requirements:
    20mm round rocker power switch (You may have to file off a small tab on the side of the switch in order for it to press in)
    Panel mount DC Jack, 2.1mm or 2.5mm

    I'll include two sets of black nylon standoffs and screws which allow mounting of both the amplifier board and optional battery board to the plate without any additional hardware. Also a small strip of gasket tape and mounting screws for the plate itself.

    $15 shipped to US.

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  3. Great looking boards! Couple of questions...
    • Based on the layout, the 893 board appears smaller? Is that true?
    • Are other boards smaller as well?
    • Are standoffs and mounting screws included with every board?
    • Similar prices for bare boards and assembly or has that changed?
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    Yes I got the 893 board down from 6.75" x 8" to 6" x 7.5".

    A few of the others are a bit smaller as well though some I just copied the basic size and layout from the milled boards I used to have. I'll add the dimensions of each board above.

    Snap in PCB standoffs and screws are included as are the terminal blocks.

    I'll add prices above as well.

    Edit posts are limited to 20 photos so the photos of what the crossovers look like assembled are going to be added below:


    (will be added soon)




    Fusion-8 Alchemy:

    Fusion-8 Center: [​IMG]

    Fusion-8 Tower / Cinema-8 (Note HF Polarity still needs to be reversed on this design):

    Fusion-15: [​IMG]



    More conventional designs,


    Classix II:

    Overnight Sensation:

    Overnight Sensation MTM:

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  5. I guess the 893 board will fit in between the braces on the back wall now? Very cool on including the standoffs, as I could never find the number of the plastic spacers I needed at my local hardware store... I usually had to make trips to different stores.

    Thanks for the updates!
  6. @Matt Grant Hello! I emailed you last night to the address listed on your Paypal account (@msn) but wasn't sure if that was a good way to get in touch with you. I would like to get a hold of 2 pcb's for the Concentric-8 if you have any left. Please go ahead and send me a Paypal invoice for them if that works for you. It's my username at Gmail. Thanks!
  7. @Matt Grant

    I’m very interested in purchasing (3) of the 1299 PCB’s just as soon as you may have them ready?! I just ordered the speaker kits this afternoon from Erich...

    Please let me know the best way to contact you and complete this purchase?

  8. Matt,

    I was able to get 5 of the Eminence Beta 8A drivers cheap! I ordered 5 of the SEOS from Erich with the original idea of using some of the Dayton DC28F tweeters I already have from an earlier project. After kicking things around I realize that this might not be a great idea as I was just going to use a generic 12db crossover around 2000k. Erich says he has several of the DE10 CD's left over for cheap. Do you think your Fusion 8 PCB would work for this combo? (Beta 8A, SEOS 8, and DE10)?

    Thanks for any help and guidance
  9. The response of the DE10 on the SEOS-8 won't really be identical to the DNA-205 in the EOS-8 which is a deeper waveguide. A crossover with the same topology to work on the Fusion-8 PCB should be possible but I don't know the values needed to make the correct adjustments.
  10. Hey Matt, shot you a PM but thought I'd post here too just in case this is easier for you. I'd like to buy (3) of the Fusion-15 PCB boards from you if you are still making them.
  11. Hello Mr. Grant,
    I'm looking for 6- Volt 6 v2 pcb's but don't see them listed above....have you made any or might you know of someone that has....?

    Thank you sir for all you do and any assistance you may render here.
  12. The Volt-6 v2 PCB's should be included with the kits, did you not get any?
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    They are en rout, I was under the assumption (for some reason) that they didn't come with....I guess I will see once they arrive. Was tying to get my all ducks in a row. Now that I look at the pics again, it does show them.....
    I think it bust have been because I was looking at everything on the site for a week or so.......that I was a bit overwhelmed so to much to choose from. So many amazing choices.
    I will post again when they arrive.
    Thank you sir for your reply.

    Edit....they are here.
    Thank you again.
  14. Hey Matt,

    I am looking for HTM 12 Assembled Crossovers. Don’t see any on DIY site and I am debating on ordering the speakers this week. Can I get some from you?....

    Also, I was entertaining the idea of titans 615 in stead... 12 (w) x 24 (D) x 9 (H) ... worth it?
  15. Sent a PM regaridng Nexus TM XO pcb boards!
  16. Hey Matt,

    My question is about the Speedster Crossover:

    In Paul's descriptions on the Meniscus Audio site he notes that the ribbon tweeter is connected with reverse polarity and the rather blurry crossover schematic seems to show that fact. However, on the DIY Sound Group page his description does not mention reverse polarity and the attached schematic shows conventional polarity.

    What is the correct connection and how have you implemented the crossover on your PCB?

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    That's interesting.
    I have the PCB wired normal polarity since that is what the schematic shows in the speedster page on Paul's website but I'd check with Paul if you can, one of the schematics must be wrong.

    Doing some digging it looks like Fountek changed the polarity connections on their NeoCD1.0 ribbon drivers at some point. Older drivers used normal polarity, then batches of drivers (circa 2013) had it reversed. I am unsure if that issue has been corrected on the current batches of these drivers, I saw at least one post that say it has.
  18. Can I still order speedster xovers?
  19. Hi Matt
    I am interested in buying 3 of the
    88-special, 5" x 7", $12 each: = total $36
    Please let me know if this is available and payment info
  20. Hello Matt,
    Do you have any Fusion 15 boards or completed crossovers?
    I'm looking to buy the closeout "kits" that Erich is offering.
  21. Hi Bruce,

    I do have some Fusion-15 PCB's that I could sell you, no assembled crossovers but I could build them if needed.

    Erich's info is kind of vague on whether he has PCB's include with those kits. I have a feeling he should it's just a matter of locating them. So I would at least hold off until the kits arrive to check whether you get the PCBs with them or not. Unless you can get that info from Erich when you order.

  22. Hi Matt. I sent you an email last night about a couple of xover boards and the amplifier plates. Just hoping it didn't end up in your spam box.
  23. Matt,
    Do you have any of the circuit boards left for the fusion-8 towers?

  24. You wouldn't happen to have any AviaTrix MT PCBs would you?
  25. Hey Matt, me again. :D

    Hey any Cinema 10 PCBs (or its predecessor, forgot its design name, dual custom 10s with the 360 MTM) left over with components? Also looking for Volt 8 boards with components (v2)

    I can assemble them.

    Thanks much

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