Crossover PCB's for many speaker designs on DIYSG

Discussion in 'Classified Section' started by Matt Grant, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Curious if you have any pcb's for the old HTM6?
  2. The HTM-6 was able to use the same PCB as the Volt-6 v2 or the PCB from the older volt-18/10 if you have the normal sized Erse/Dayton I-core inductor. I'll check if I still have some.
  3. Not sure on the "Erse/Dayton I-core inductor" . My HTM 6's were bought in May of 2018. I was just interested in possibly replacing the ugly hack job Of my diy board.
    Sorry about not replying sooner but I forgot to check back.

    crossover center.jpg
  4. Are you sure those are HTM-6's? That's certainly not the crossover design for an HTM-6:
    HTM-6 Crossover.jpg

    That crossover appears to be from a Fusion-8 Center, I should have a few of those PCBs around:
    Fusion-8 Center crossover.jpg
  5. Hmm based on the enclosure it is sitting on I believe that is my Fusion 8 center crossover! Since that was the only pic I found I just Assumed it was the one I was looking for!

    Looks like I need to open up one of my HTM6's now to verify.
  6. Wow what a difference 4 years makes in short/long term memory!
    So what I actually need is the PCB for the Fusion 8 center.o_O
  7. I finally remembered to go looking for these today. How many do you need, just one of the Fusion-8 Center PCBs?
  8. Yes just one of them.
  9. Got the Fusion 8 PCB in the mail in tiptop shape!
    Thanks for an easy transaction.
  10. Hey Matt! Would you happen to have 2 HTM-12v2 PCB boards? I am in need of two. My buddy purchased two HTM-12's awhile back and ran them active. I bought them from him and would like to go back to the passive x-over.

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