Damping material for mains, and thoughts on a novel (?) bracing idea from KEF

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  1. [SIZE=medium]Two questions: [/SIZE]
    [/size][SIZE=medium](1) [/SIZE]What’s everyone’s preference for damping method/material for mains? I never put much thought into it before. On my last mains speakers, I literally just took the stuff out of the old Tannoy System 12 DMT II cabinets – carpet padding, I think – and put it in the new cabinets. For my new ones, I want to be more thorough about it. I’ve rejected simple polyfill on effectiveness grounds, and simple fiberglass on “that stuff itches” grounds. That leaves carpet padding, denim insulation, rockwool, long-hair wool, and…anything else? I was thinking of sheets on the sides/top/bottom/back of the cabinet, and on either side of the braces. (Bracing will be basically horizontal and vertical interlocking roman numeral “III’s.” Perhaps with additional fill inside if warranted. Anyone have a “secret sauce” for cabinet damping they’re wiling to share?
    [/size][SIZE=medium](2) While reading the KEF LS50 marketing doc, I came across an interesting idea for attaching bracing: rather than rigidly fix the braces to the cabinet, attach them via some lossy material they call “mastic,” which I assume would either be something like Liquid Nails, or maybe duct seal. See KEF LS50 propaganda, at 18.[/SIZE]
  2. I think KEF is referring to Butyl Mastic....its stuff that stays soft...usually for windscreens and such.
  3. Interesting. Never heard of that stuff. Is it available at Home Depot or is it a more industrial kind of thing?
  4. The brand I use here is made by Selleys...came from Bunnings, probably equivalent to Masters and Home Depot. Its not especially hard to source. Its much cheaper then SikaFlex.

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