DIY kit to go with classic Marantz SM-7, SC-7 combo

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by DesmoBanana, May 27, 2017.

  1. My Father is finally deciding to upgrade his speakers, has a fantastic old school Marantz combo SM-7 and SC-7.

    Stolen link, exact set though!-(

    This is going in a 22'x32' space in his basement (With the 5x5, 1/2 bath centered and to one side, U-shaped essentially) poured foundation, with drywall.

    He see's no reason for big bass, so even a BFM design AutoTuba I built to fit under a foosball table for him was like pulling teeth. But it's hidden, so he seems to be okay with it.

    The Marantz has Main+A and B channels. But for the space, I don't think 6 speakers are necessary. He currently has 3 pair of Dayton 6.5 bookshelf's and hasn't turned those up beyond their abilities, however, he wants better sound reproduction.

    Pair of 88 Special or Fusion 10, perhaps? Thoughts?

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