DIY SG off axis response graphs

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Mike Whittingham, Dec 22, 2020.

  1. Hi all

    Are the off axis response graphs for the various DIYSG speakers (specifically the HTM, HT and Volt ranges) available on the site somewhere?

  2. Look in the official thread for each of the designs.
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  3. Will do, thanks
  4. Hi Matt

    Sorry, but I can't find all the official threads for each design?

    Some are here:
    That includes a thread on the Volts, with the off axis response graphs for each.
    And there's a thread for the HTM-12s too.

    There's a thread for the 1099s and the HT10s, but neither of them have off axis response graphs.

    And there's no thread in that section of the forum for the HT8s or HT12s

    and have a good Christmas :)

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