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  1. Ok, so my exact room measurements are 14'x25' (listening area), the room is shaped like an L there is another 12' that is just used for kids toys. The listening distance is 11' back from the TV with 8' ceilings. The "WAF" Lol, is very high in my case. My wife does not like big speakers so whatever I build will need to be smallish and finished nicely. My current system consists of an HK avr- 635, 5 polk audio speakers, rt55 fronts 400i center and rti 38's for surrounds. I have no subwoofer but would love one in the future. I find the sound from these speakers dull and flat. I have also had them for 20 years. I also do not know what to think of the easy set/eq system that harman kardon uses, it seems to boost bass and kill high end.
    I live in sioux falls sd. zip code is 57106, if anyone is near and be willing to audition nome DIY speakers I would be thrilled. thanks guys. Oh yeah and I need a traditional center.
    I keep going in-between the cohesive 893's and the HTM 6. I am not concerned with price and will be adding a sub in the future. Any recommendations as to which speakers to choose?
  2. You have no sub and cost is not an issue...I'd go 893

    The HTM-6 has to operate with a sub while the 893 can use it's two 8" woofers to give decent bass at a lower frequency than the HTM-6. Not a knock against the HTM, just simple physics that two longer stroke 8's VS a shorter stroke 6 incher can move more air. If you can get away with the bigger 893 over the HTM-6--go big! Enjoy!

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