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  1. I will try to get this thread up to speed, but everything is posted on AVS. @Erich H sold my kit to me and @Matt Grant did my crossovers which turned out awesome.towers 4.5 vent 45hz.jpg

    So, I threw around the idea of ported vs sealed and in the end, I figured ported was the way to go. I had the wood cut and ready to go for all speakers.

    The towers will all be 45 tall x 16 deep x 14.75 wide (width of the baffle). The tune will be roughly 45hz with a 2 inch tall port 13.25 wide, and roughly 4.5 inches long. The tower baffles will be extended 5ish inches to allow for the taller box and port at bottom.
    I attached a pic of WINISD for the towers with a 45 high pass filter applied.

    Ok on to the center channel which is where my main question comes in.
    I have the wood cut for the center same as the towers. 45 WIDE 16 deep, 14.75 tall. So, my plan was to add TWO 1inch ports to each end of the center to get the same tune. 45 inches wide doesn't really leave me enough room to add the 1 inch slot ports needed. The wood is cut but, If I need to I can always make top, rear, and bottom of the box wider to say 47-48 to accommodate the extra for the slot ports on the side. Im attaching a pic of my idea for the center below.
    So basically I would have to just cut new pieces of wood for the center OR do a port on the rear. Matt has already said this would work. Ill attach pics of that also below. Let me know, any and all advice is appreciated.
    two 1 inch ports on front baffle.
    towers 4.5 vent 45hz.jpg

    One 10 inch wide, 2 inch port on rear of center channel:

    20211019_100240.jpg 20211019_125635.jpg
    center one port.jpg

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  2. You might be able to do triangle ports at each corner... 3 5/8" (internal) on each edge would get you very close to the same port area.
  3. I think I might go with a different size center and just make the 1 inch ports on the front work. 48 inch wide x 15 deep x 14.75 tall gives me 4.8 cubic foot before bracing and speakers. Same as towers.
  4. Did you get the 1299's from Erich recently? I've been curious about the status of the 1299 and if they will be coming back or not.
  5. No i got them some time back. Everything is ready to do, wood cut, etc.. crossovers built. Just this one last detail, but I havent gotten a response from Erich. Im assuming he is still in business.
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  6. 20211201_130751.jpg
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  7. 20211210_222837.jpg

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  8. One snafu. Better to get it out of the way now

    Bearing came off right at end of cutting out port hole for center channel. Fixed with PC epoxy and flush trimmed today and then rounded over all edges until baffle gets put on.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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