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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Samuel Hastings, Dec 16, 2020.

  1. I ordered 3 HTM-12 speaker kits 6 days ago. Today I went to check the status of the order and the website appears to be down or gone?

    Is everyone having the same issue?
  2. Yes, website seems borked
  3. The site must have had some issue in the past couple hours because it was working around 7:00 when I left the shop.

    I'm not much of a website guru so I'll have to ask one of my friends to see what needs to be fixed.

    As for the HTM-12 orders, I was working on them today.
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  4. It is still down.
  5. Well unfortunately I'm not sure what the error is and will call the hosting company today to see what they think. If by some chance it's the actual Magento shopping cart program causing the issue with programming code then my guess is that the site will be down for an extended amount of time because I'll probably just completely switch everything. Magento used to be a really good program but it was bought by Adobe a couple years ago and it's just not as good as it used to be.

    What stinks is that the 1099 midranges are due to be delivered here this week so I'll have to contact all the guys that preordered those speakers and finalize those orders off the site. Hopefully the hosting company knows what the issue is.
  6. Everything I can find says xml support in php isn't installed on the system, like some update went sideways. Exactly how to accomplish that will depend on what OS you're running but it will be something like "sudo apt install php-xml" or "sudo yum install php-xml". It's likely deeper than that since it was working before, but now it's not so what changed?
  7. I haven't changed anything on the site for quite a while but I was told it was something with the hosting company and php/xml. I've got no idea what that stuff means but hopefully it's an easy fix once I talk to the hosting company again.
  8. Sorry for going off topic, but how did you manage that? I've been trying to order some for a month, but they never seem to be in stock.
  9. They were in stock for at least 3 days on the website.
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  10. No idea why I've not been able to see any o_O

    Thanks for the reply :)
  11. It was only the full kits with flatpacks. Might keep an eye out for those.

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