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    Hey guys,

    Trying to narrow down the inventory of goodies. Help!

    Please PM an offer if interested in buying. There's a lot of stuff here, so, pictures on request.

    Compression Drivers
    Faital HF144 1.4" exit, x2 (Like new)
    JBL 2445J 2" exit, x1 (Used)
    DE250 clones (DNA360) 1" exit, x2 (small chips on magnet) SOLD
    Denovo DNA350 1" exit, x2 (small chips on magnet)
    DE10+horn, x2 (Like new) SOLD

    SEOS 24 - Fiberglass, x2 (Used, like new, mark on one edge)
    SEOS 18 - Fiberglass, x2 (Used, like new) SOLD
    SEOS 12 - plastic, x2 (Used, like new) SOLD
    Goldwood GM450PB 2" entry, x2 (Used, like new)

    Full Range
    Audio Nirvana 8", x2 (Used) SOLD
    Jordan JX92S 4", x2 (Used)
    Hemp Acoustics 4.5", x2 (Used, like new)
    Fostex FE126e 4", x2 (Used) SOLD
    Fostex 103E 4", x2 (Enabled) SOLD
    Fostex 127E 4", x2 (Used, like new) SOLD
    Coral 3", x2 (Used, like new) SOLD
    Mark Audio Alpair 6 3", x2 (Used) SOLD
    B&G Neo 8, x6 (Used) SOLD
    Peerless 2", x10 (New) SOLD

    Deltalite 2515II 15", x2 (Used, front gaskets have come off, but are easily replaced.)
    Eminence Alpha 15", x2 (Used, dust caps smooshed in, some claw marks for bespoke texture on cone)
    Altec 15" Alnico magnet, white frame. Fit perfectly in VOTT cabs, x2
    Jamo Buyouts 8", x8 (Used)

    Air ESS, x1,

    Speaker Kits
    Recession Buster, x1 (New in box) SOLD

    Full Speakers
    B&W DM603 S3, x2
    KEF Q900, x2 (Refurb)
    Yamaha Open Back NS250, x2 (Cool looking woofer!! Google it!)

    Miniwatt, x1 (Used, like new) SOLD
    Musical Paradise MP-301, x1 (Used, second owner) SOLD

    Source Components
    Buffallo II+IVY+Volumite+Toshlink receiver, x1 (Like new)
    XMOS Eval Board, x2 (One new in box, one used)

    That's all I got right now.
  2. Are your DNA-360 still available? I'll give you $125.00 shipped to me at 75082.


  3. Sorry Ryan. The DNA360s have been sold. I am taking offers on everything else.

    I thought I set my account up for receiving notifications, but didn't receive one to your message, otherwise I would've responded sooner.
  4. First post has been updated. Some good stuff still remaining. Accepting reasonable offers. Please pm!
  5. Are the Jordan JX92's still available?If so,how much?

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