Dual TD6M-8 + BMS 4550(16 ohm)/SEOS-12 Design

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  1. This is the design I had done for Bass Addict over on AVS. They use two AE TD6M-8 woofer and the BMS 4550 (16ohm) CD on the SEOS-12 These will work great as low profile surrounds or heights (their original purpose) but will also do well as mains if you wanted.

    They have a sensitivity of 92-93dB @ 2.83v/1m but they are a four ohm design so 1w/1m sensitivity is closer to 89-90dB. That may seem rather low for a dual woofer design but the mids had to be pulled way down in order to get decent extension out of them. Speaking of which in room they have decent extension down to the mid 60's.

    During the design process there was a slight problem found, a dip at ~800hz. Thanks to Tux the source was found out to be a cavity reflection from the waveguide itself. Unfortunately I could not do too much to eliminate it however since it is rather narrow I don't find it to be terribly noticeable.

    The enclosure is 0.5cuft tuned to about 65hz, size is 14.5" w x 15.5"h x 7.5" d, with the baffle being 3/4" and the rest built from 1/2", two slot ports are 5"w x 5/8"h 5.25" d.



    On axis response and phase:

    Distortion at 90dB:

    0-60 degrees of axis horizontal:

    0-30 degrees above axis:

    0-30 degrees below axis:

    Crossover Schematic:

  2. how does the sound quality of the td6m's compare to other pro-mids ?
  3. I have not had much experience with other pro mids unless you count the B&C 8PS21 or Celestion TF0818 as mids, and no other 6" pro mids just hi-fi type 6" woofers. I think the AE TD6m's are really nice but better suited to midrange only duty. As far as sound quality there are one of if not the best sounding 6" drivers I have heard. They seem to be in complete control all the time and have very detailed sound, punchy bass too. These would make a very nice midrange in a three way system where you can take full advantage of their midrange sensitivity.
  4. Looks great Matt.

    Am I seeing things, or is the 0.22uF, 6.2ohm, 0.35mH notch shorted out in your tweeter board?
  5. Whoops ;D
    Thanks Tux, looks like I was not paying attention while drawing that up
  6. Have these been compared to the Daniel's? Very cool design. Who did that baffle?
  7. I read a few customer reviews of those ferrite bobbin inductors where the end caps broke off. Not sure what the failure rate is, however...
  8. They break easily if dropped or shipped incorrectly.
  9. They seemed to be well packed when I got them from PE. Everything was double boxed and the P-cores were in their own box separate from the other parts and could not shift. They were also individually wrapped in thick foam, I don't remember that last time I ordered them.

    The baffle was done by MTG Designs ;)

    These have not been directly compared to the Daniel design, the only real similarity is the driver arrangement and SEOS-12 waveguide. I have another similar design planned and just got the waveguides and CD's from Erich yesterday. I should say it is more of an update on an older design of mine switching out the current waveguide for the SEOS-12 and DNA-205:
  10. I think I recall seeing that before. Very nice looking. Is that flat black paint?
  11. Thanks, paint is Rustoleum oil based flat black. I like that it goes on smooth and is very durable when dry but it does stink and cleanup is a mess.
  12. Good ole rustoleum. spray can or gun?
  13. 6" foam roller. :)
  14. So are you just changing the waveguide or are you using different drivers too? Which drivers are those?
  15. I am switching the current Dayton (JBL clone) waveguides and DNA-150's that are on it out for SEOS-12's and DNA-205's, woofers will stay the same. I feel the DNA-150 does not do the best in that waveguide. It was better then the Selenium DH200E-E I had in there before but will I can't cross the 150 low enough to get a proper directivity match to the woofer where as I think I can get the DNA-205 to play low enough.

    The center has Peerless HDS Nomex cone woofers (which were PE buyouts and NLA) while the L&R have the NLA Klipsch 6.5" buyouts from the THX Ultra2 line. I have some other Peerless woofers 1 pair HDS one SDS which are both currently available from PE that I was planning on trying out and would post the design if it worked well with those.
  16. With this crossover design how easy would it be to sub in a DNA-350?
  17. Sorry saw your post then forgot to reply,

    The 350 should work fairly well, it won't match the final FR of the 360 exactly but it will be close enough.
  18. Okay.. But we're talking about drop-in for BMS4550? Just wanted to be sure.
  19. Wow, I am off today ;D

    I have attached a new schematic that will work with the 360/350 which closely matches the 4550 response.

    Attached Files:

  20. Thank you.. Looks like an awesome build.
  21. Since this is a pretty cool design, and these drivers are pricey and hard to find, is there another 6" that fits acoustically.....
  22. I believe switching them out to another woofer would require a crossover change.
  23. Glad u are up to the challenge (smile)

    Anyone up for a challenge ?

    Is there any chance a pair of these could do the job http://www.parts-express.com/pyle-pdmw6-6-1-2-mid-woofer--292-204

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